IG are trash

So we all know that IG are currently 6-0 in the MSI tournament, was the team that won Wolrds last year and were consider to be the best champions of the world. And what did I think of them? Well, to me they are the most cocky, arrogant, overrated, disrespectful and soulless team I have ever seen. We didn't praise for them in Wolrds (Espically in NA/Europe) because they don't have honour or respect to other teams, they should be the at the bottom of the barrel of other teams like RNG, Gen G Esport, Fantic, Cloud 9, G2 Esports and not to mention SKT T1. These IG assholes went undefeated with NO SINGLE LOSS. And that's probably because thay choose champions who can CHEAT the game, thanks to their stupid, unfair and unbalanced gameplay design. And the champions I'm talking about are these: {{champion:84}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:134}}{{champion:7}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:79}}. These are the champions that they use to NOT WIN, BUT CHEATING. So I would say that IG are only cheating, just to get the Wolrd cup and skins and stealing the spot from KT Rollster, G2 and, of course, Fnatic. These teams deserve the spot more than IG, these are the true champions who fought their way to get/reclaim the spot they've strived for so many years, these are the true heroes who used only to things; fairness and honor, and NOT CHEATING. TheShy and Duke only has invincibility when he fight 1v1, Ning uses builds should not work, Rookie and Jackylove are really F-tiered (Or should I say "Baby tiered") mid and bot laner and nothing more, and Baolan only presses one button to stun everyone. Is that not fair? Well, no. THEY F___ING CHEAT, THEY CHEAT. It's like programming a button that gets to the credits sequence to any game and that you've barely started the game and experienced it. That's what IG are; A bunch of lazy asses who only cheat and win. I hope that they either lose at some point of the tournament or get arrested for cheating and being put behind the bars lock and key. So f--- IG and f--- their way of cheating League of Legends. "Invictus Gaming"? More like "Inferius Gaming"
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