Reason why TSM always first in NA.

First of all I decided to post this in EUW cause of all the hate I will achieve probobly from the NA forum. So if you guys watched NA history, TSM has the highest amount of wins with NA. And their wins starts in season 3, when they achieved NA's best Top laner "Dyrus" and a borrowed EU played which was "bjergsen". After they got these players they kept winning for until championship where they came last. But question is how can they win all year in NA but fail in Championship against all regions? Cause borrowing Bjergsen and the best NA top laner, made them think invisible, where the coach didn't think they need to improve any. Which is why they always lost against EU. This thing has ben happening ever since they borrowed their first EU player. I looked into TSM Wiki, and saw that all their players after Bjersgen has been borrowed players from either Korea or EU and they been continousing to stomp NA with these picks, but then fail horribly at champion ship finals where they don't even reach 8th place. Last year they achieved last place, and they borrowed EU's best bot... Now they sit with a half EU/Korea team with a NA coach who is letting them down. I'm not saying that the players they got is bad or anything. It's just that TSM's Couch and leaders probobly are way out of their players league. IF TSM got a couch like FNC, SKT or 100T. TSM's would probobly reach championship finals without problems. But they don't change them, all they see is that their players are the problem, not the couch, not the leaders. The EU/Korea Players are "too bad" to play within TSM. Man, just watching every year's finals and seeing how angry the couch is at the EU players is so tilting. I know the EU/Korea players do it cause TSM and NA has huge amount of money income compared to other teams, but I seriously think just cause they have money they shouldn't be allowed to buy players from other regions only to abuse them for 1st place. This year, TSM really shows how trash they are, cause 100T is reking them into pieces cause they have truly amazing NA players that work together with their leaders. TSM also kicked some jungler (idk who) out of their team, and apparently that guy was an "All star" jungler. And as soon he came in onto C9 instead, C9 were making TSM look like meatbags. I been saying this before, but Buying players should be freaking illigal.

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