End of EU LCS?

The EU LCS is splitting into regional leagues and relegation is going away
The 10-team league is splitting into four regions and 24 teams.
Is this true? Is EU LCS breaking up? That's a mistake. They compare it with soccer Champions League. That's not correct. CL let's teams from countries try and enter CL so all European countries have a feel for CL. The proposed new Leagues like Berlin, Paris, Barcalona will become in-country leagues. No Dutchman cares what happens in France or Spain. I think that the one who decided this does not understand how Europe works. It's the end of the huge attention the streamed competitions create for the game. Riot will notice a huge drop in interest soon enough for the game if these changes will proceed.... It excludes everyone outside the mention countries who will get their own league. Stupid.
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