Exceed9K eSports

What's up guys. I'm here to tell you about a recent organization team in Portugal called Exceed9K. Exceed9K eSports is also a multigaming entity founded in 2017 with its headquarters located in Portugal. It emerged with the objective of gathering Portuguese gamers and, in an academic and team environment, explore each persons talents. We have 2 teams in the 1º and 2º divisions on LPLOL which happens to be the biggest competition in Portugal! You are asking now why am I here telling you all of this. I am here because I really need your help. I need your help to get our community known not only in Portugal but also in your country and your friend's country. I ask you to press the like button on the facebook and contribute for my and all my community happiness. A big thank you! I swear I will pay you all a beer.
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