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There were many disturbing events in the NA semi finals, by Both TL and TSM. **TL mysteries** -dozens of bad TL calls + Baron attempts while all of TSM were still alive and nearby, This resulted in more then 1 Throw. -multiple Dragon attempts that split up TL, Some were engaging TSM, while others kept focusing on the dragon, resulting in a 5 man wipe. -TL did not Ban Azir and Jinx in the second game, this was a Immense mystery. **TSM Mysteries** -Picking Eve for santorin the most passive jungler, ''no early ganks'', while the team focus is late game. exactly where eve is not so effective. -Shaky performance at times, almost too careful, when they could easily have taken certain objectives, giving TL enough time to farm and get even. -Not contesting early dragons, while they were easily ahead and in position to do so. - being far behind in farm, while not roaming or ganking. **Conclusion** Overall i felt both teams were shaky, TL farmed better, but had terrible shot callers/Team decisions in fights and overall terrible picks/Bans Although TSM has won, it was mostly because of the poor decisions made by TL, also TSM revealed that many of their lanes fall extremly behind in almost every game. this will be a problem for them at worlds. let me know your take on What went wrong in that Semi-final.

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