My preditions for worlds. (spoilers)

So Far we have got the winner of NA, LCK and Turkey. Which are Super massive, TL and SKT. I have my expectation that G2 will win LEC and that RNG will win LPL. I have looked into all of these teams playstyle (including super massive) and so far, my expectation goes far on that the winning teams will be either RNG, G2 or super massive. Now calm down and hear my reasoning for my predictions. So far, these teams are the only teams that has not shown anything within their recent games. They basically completely win and dominate most of their matches through sheer force and most of their wins end up before the 30 min mark. Basically they win most of their games before mid game even begin. Now if we look at the game time of TL and SKT they have a stable 35-40 min game time on their wins. That means they will have a very hard time keeping up with China and EU's champions since they will never reach their chance to win the game. Super massive isn't like RNG or G2 doe, but their style is highly chaotic. They are very similar to Vitality for all you EU fans out there. And seeing how Vitality took down RNG last year (1 of the top teams), it will defiantly put a show up on their sleave. This is list for weaknesses and strength all teams has. G2: This team is 100% talented players, almost every player can out skill the opposite, the problem they have is that they sometimes go to far when winning early, making them end up getting punished. Due to their constant winning and constant snowballing, they have a hard time when starting games from the back foot. RNG: Chaotic style, when they play you won't know if they will play around their top side or bot side. Usually teams start to panic when they lose 1 lane, and then lose a 2nd lane. RNG jungler top notch, probobly best jungler in worlds and can completely confuse his opponents with his pathing and his champion pool. Problems they have, when Uzi tilts, it's game over. SKT: This team is extremely good at macro and somewhat good at micro, their players are almost always coordinated, they are like students, the longer the game goes the more they learn. Downside is that if the games end to early they lack ways to come back (For EU fans, SKT style is basically Splyce) Super massive: TL: I will be honest, as someone who watches all other regions esport, I can't say a single good thing about TL. They play an outdated meta style back from 2 years ago and rarely even go proactive until the 30 min mark and for Most NA teams never ever seems to happen within their games, no one force anything, no one tries something. They are all just waiting for 30 min until action starts, some games has even there been 0 kills within until the 30 min mark. It's extortionary boring to watch. I Watched the semi finals and finals and TL seemed to hard struggle whenever someone did something pre 30. Therefor, unless TL somehow gets to 30 min without action they will win. (Extra) FNC: Idk if FNC will win finals in LEC, but since I post this on the EU forums. FNC fans will probobly hate me for skipping them. Anyway, this team is extremely good at working around their lanes, they are good at setting up objectives and baiting the enemy into their FNC bush, problem goes when they are winning games, they sometimes tend to snowball a bit to far and rather than go for the win, go get more kills or more gold. Sidenote, I really think Riot should put up a FNC sign in the FNC bush. What's your predictions? Do you think TL will win games before 30 min mark? Do you think RNG will reach semi finals this year?

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