How is toxic esport players playing better than some other non-tiltable players

So before we start this, we all should know that usually toxicity usually drags down the team you're playing with or causes your own playing to worsen. On that note, how come players like Piglet or Uzi **can stay at the top** even through some of their games and interviews they are flaming their teammates for playing badly, and has been banned on the Korean server over 3 times? Then we have players like Atillia who trash talk people in twitter or swears a lot during mic checks ingame, how come he is doing better than most of his teammates? Last but not least we Have DoubleLift and Kold, who constantly trash talk everyone else except themselves and see themselves as the best in the world. Doublelift is clearly the best ADC in NA. How the heck does he keep himself positiv while having such a harsh negative behavior towards people worse than him?
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