KOOs attitude is an example for ALL players of this game!

Look at their reaction after losing the worlds finals. Look at their faces. Are they destroyed? No. Are they angry? No. Do they QQ quietly to themselves? No. **They are happy, they are collected, they even did a little dance...and they are smiling!** This is the reaction everyone of us should have after losing a game fair and square. Its a game. Take pride in your success, get as good as you can, do as good as you can, and have fun with your friends. And if you lose, you lose, but that's not a reason to be angry, that's a reason to look at yourself, then look at your opponent and say: "GG, wp guys!" Koo Tigers, you have lost the world championship. You also have shown that you are an elite team, you have shown that SKT can be defeated, dominated even. You have shown exceptional skill. You have shown great sportmanship, not only towards others, but most importantly, to yourself. You may have lost, but you have won my heart, and my respect! Congratulations SKT! Congratulations KOO! Great teams, great Finals, gg, wp guys! :-) -furball
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