Viewing parties for the LEC finals are scarce, Riot.

...except for when you live in Spain, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany or the UK. Over 90% of all places to go watch the LEC finals are located in the above countries. That's 6 countries out of the more than 30 in Europe (Non-EU members included. I went to a viewing party in Ghent, Belgium during the EU LCS 2018 Summer Finals and the tickets sold well because the room was well-filled. I don't get the idea Riot got for not only cancelling the show in Ghent, but also in every single place in Flanders. It's basically easier for me to get to the arena in Rotterdam than to go to a viewing party, but i'm not going to spend 100 euros to just get there as i can't drive yet. This makes me feel bad all the more for people living in the 25+ other countries who don't have viewing parties AT ALL for some reason because it's a blast to experience. It's a shame Riot didn't do more effort to find more partners or start making deals earlier with cinemas so their schedule wouldn't be all packed. It's Tuesday, 5 days before the finals and only now do they come up with this. Also funny that places like Malta get three places to go watch, but some of the biggest countries in Europe don't get any (seriously, Riot, 0 for Italy?). They really thought about this one, huh. Too bad, because i was really looking forward to go watch and had it scheduled in my calendar. To all those who do have a place to come together, have fun out there. To the other 50% of the EU playerbase, I feel you. Well done, Riot. EDIT: Just found out the tickets for viewin parties were already available for a week. Doesn't really change my point, though. Still wanted to see more effort my Riot to give everyone the chance to go watch in their nearest city

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