Roccat - Unicorns of Love, one of THE best BO5 I've ever seen !

Hey everyone =D, For those actually not on touch, a few hours ago Roccat and Unicorns of Love fought in the second quarter finals of European LCS Play-Offs I'm not a fan of Roccat nor Unicorns but sincerelly.... this is one of the most BEAUTIFULL and ENJOYABLE BO5 I've ever seen. The 3 last games were just HUGE ! If you couldn't see the BestOf and that you like the super nice game we can see in the EU LCS : And just enjoy ! Personally, I was just totally impressed by Roccat's performance. For a team who struggled for around two splits, they've shown things I sincerely want to see once more next year. I just discovered a fantastic player with Nukeduck. I knew he was highly considered by other LCS players, but this is the first time I've seen him playing at this level. Don't hesitate to share what you've like in this BO5 ! Good luck everyone !

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