Tournament spectation

This is something I've thought for a while now. When you are trying to get better at something, you're frequently told to watch a pro at it. However, with the tournaments, unless I'm wrong, it is impossible for us to focus on one player. When we watch, we're always being taken to the big plays, so we never get to see general laning, which is what many players find the most difficult. I think there should be an option to watch a certain player during a match so that people that wish to get better at a certain lane can see how they should play. Only seeing about 10 seconds of top lane when you want to see how to play properly can really harm the development of that player. I've thought this particularly for top and jungle as they are often out of the limelight, with plays often being made mid and bot and it would be nice to see how the jungler plays, what routes they take and how they take the jungle camps. Some of these things may seem obvious to a lot of players but seeing this from the pro players could really help players improve.

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