Adamantium Esports wants you! **Hello Folks!** _My name is **Farrell!** Head-Admin of the Community server at **Adamantium Esports!** We are a community on the way to official launch , that is looking forward to get you and more **folks **into our community! We can't wait to meet you guys! We are looking for fathers, mothers, adults, summoners, everybody who wants to be a part of a growing community! Our community established recently. We have grown since then and we are prepping different servers, I will be representing our Community server, where you can hang out, play all kind of different games and meet new people! The main game and main focus will be: **League of Legends.** Of course we will be hosting our own game servers for additional popular games with dedicated staff however league is our focus for the time being. We also have a casual team and a pro server for the **League of Legends** players that are looking for serious teams but please look for the other post more related to those in the forum. We will have events for many of our games. Together with my Admins I will be welcoming you guys to our server, having a talk with everybody, introducing **Adamantium Esports** and everything you want to know/are interested in. _ **Are you interested in joining a new and ambitious community? You can add me on Discord: Navarian#2958 or Eoyoto#8772

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