The Dive Special Episode: NA LCS 2018
On this special episode of The Dive the gang are joined by Whalen Rozelle and Jarred Kennedy, the Directors of Esports at Riot Games, to discuss the future of the LCS. Download this episode's audio on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/thedivelol/the-dive-special-episode-na-lcs-2018
I was wondering what your toughts on this are. Let me remind you what you said in the video... Jatt asked "what do you think if a bunch of EU pros moved to NA after franchising" you said "if NA franchising comes at the detriment of EU that would be a failure". So did you fail ? or you think that having 10 EU top players moving to NA is not at the detriment of EU LCS? Reddit, EU boards are filled with discontent about the EU player bleeding that EU is suffering. TSM roster announcement has almost reached 33% downvotes. It is time for riot to answer to EU fans. We are sick of this script that repeats itself every year. Next year NA will have one mid laner coming from NA. This is a joke. Edit. there is timestamp in the video, my comments only refer to that part of the video i' m not asking ppl to watch it all
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