XPeke vs. Faker

Will we see a mid lane showdown or a passive and supportive game from the midders? Idk but I think that Faker and Peke will cancel each other out at the mid lane and the fights will more be carried around the other lanes. I mean Faker didn't stand really out this season at worlds, him being shut down in fights or playing Lulu on mid (I mean common) and was unable to carry the team like he used to. We saw Faker being either a distraction for the enemy team to focus so that MaRin and Bengi can clean up like they did. Idk if this is SKT's strategy or Faker is out of his mood. XPeke on the other side made some really outstanding plays at Worlds, he has a large champion pool and carried the team throughout the entire season (considering that he created a team from almost nothing and made it to worlds). What do you guys think?

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