LCS has never been as boring to watch as it is now...

The massive snowball potential causes teams to play super safe and its rare to see people take risks early, only doing low risk low reward plays till one team has snowballed to the point the losing team HAS to take a risk or is almost guaranteed to bleed out and lose. Theres 10 bans so there should be way more champions and compositions?Hahahaha bot is just utility supports ashe, varus etc pre nerf kalista might have been op but atleast she was fun to watch... Leblanc and kata are so op right now they are banned in most games and neither are that interesting to watch... again pre-nerf azir might have been op but atleast he was awesome to watch and made some of the most exciting games I've watched , I think it was fenix that got a solo quadra kill as azir? That shit was awesome, now its just wow leblanc just 2 shot the enemy mid with almost no counter for dashless champions. I don't know even with 10 bans it feels like the same 3 or 4 champs in roles every single game and ban phases are so boring... I tried watching pro play but I just don't find it anywhere near as fun as it was.
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