What will become of C9?

I'm a C9 supporter but the way they've been playing is awful. The reason for this could be because of the leaving of Meteos and Hai (even though Hai has returned and is currently playing jungle) but from the start of the season they had a terrible start. I don't know how they came back to grab 2nd place off CLG at the end of the split and beat TL and came 2nd place for the playoffs. The summer split was just horrible. Hai and meteos just left, they somehow won against TSM, giving us hope and thinking: Maybe they could pull it off and go to worlds. However after that game they basically lost every game on the first 4 weeks. After that they played decently, winning some and losing some. Now they're not even qualifying to compete for worlds, they're now competing just to stay in the LCS. I didn't expect them to go to worlds but I never thought that they might get relagated. I hope Cloud Nine plays better in the future and play like they did back in season 3. Comments on who you support and how they're doing?
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