Masters Degree dissertation research

I am a current student of the University of Portsmouth, studying for a masters degree in forensic accounting, for my final dissertation of my masters degree I chose to research into corruption in E-sports and how E-Sports could incorporate various measures of anti corruption that are seen in regular sports, as well as some of the aspects that are seen in business. As part of this research, I would like to conduct interviews with players and Rioters involved in the LCS (either NA OR EU). The rioters I would like to conduct an interview with would be those in charge of governance of the tournaments, and the referees involved in keeping the play fair. The interview will be conducted online at the participants own convenience (whenever they are available) however i do have a completion deadline of 15th September, so ideally would like to have the interviews completed before the 5th September. Any communication software can be utilized however Skype is preferred. I will be keeping all the information private and will not be releasing any of the data accumulated, nor will I be listing any names in my research, in order to protect confidentiality. Many Thanks GantzW
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