Going Pro; How does the process from "Random Solo Queue Player" to "Pro Player" look like?

Hey people, Long Story Short it's now almost my 3rd year of LoL and I've been playing on going pro since pretty much I started this game. Coming from CS:GO, personally a shooter player, LoL was a new world for me, but the competitive side of the Game got me addicted real quick. The competitive feeling in Solo Queue and the Tryhard and the willing to win is just something I love. I can't really ever play anything for fun, im having my fun in the competitive beating others and accomplishing the Rank 1 position no matter what the odds are. IRL been a football captain [soccer] for multiple years really successfully, making me a good ingame Leader, I love to Shot Call and lead the Team to Victory and tru dark times on the rise to the Top. Played CS:GO most likely at the end only with premade as a Team with Voice Comms, coming into League with no Voice Comms and as a solo Player made it hard to climb, especially as a Support main. By the Way, did I say long story short? Well .. I'm trying... sorry. So I came to League tru Competitive Play, watching LCS even before I ever played the Game. Started playing S6 as Jungle and accomplished Master Elos in my first Season with the ending of getting banned for being toxic. Well, luckily for me and thanks to Riots Bann System I've overcome the Toxic Part und focus on Improving and Winning. Timing Summs, Inhib Timers and motivating my Team and trying to call the next Game Steps is pretty much everything I type. Since I just didn't like the role of jungle anymore I started playing Supp and I've been enjoying it. It's a role where I can say I can compete with the best of the best in this role, as confident and realistic as I could be. I don't Really Main a Champ, I try to main any Champ that is Meta or could be Meta, Ali Braum Morg Thresh Janna whatever is on the table. The more flexibility the better. Playing around 300 Games lately in a short Time and having the schedule of pretty much a Pro Gamer without the scrims I would like to know how to get started. I think I'm at the point where I can be a strong helping hand for a new Team. After analysing Pro Games and my own games and trying to perfect my games to the limit I'm right now just playing daily as much as possible and as many different champs as possible to get them all to a consistent top Level. I already understand how the Game works and how everything comes together from scaling, to team comps, to Macros and simple Laning Phase. I try to pretty much 7 Days a Week sleep 7-8 hours daily and paly the rest of them solo queue to keep and get a good level on all support champs that I think I have to be good at. So with all the background information what are the odds to play Pro? How do you get started and how do you even take Part of the Pro Play itself without having any starting point? Just Play and hope someone sees/notices you? Maybe someone already has experience and can share it here. Appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it and can help me out with a good answer or tips. [btw sry for the bad English... hopefully the grammy aint too bad.] Greetings!
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