Team Support Bundles as of now are bad.

Just like last year, I'd like to support my favourite team at Worlds with an icon and an emote, but this year there are multiple problems. 1: You can't buy any of the Worlds items (Icons, Emotes) without having to buy at least one thing you may not need, since the smalles package is the Bronze Bundle which comes with an emote and icon. This is bad because I have a lot of icons and emotes already and wouldn't be suprised if the related higher cost for the bundle made people actually not buy it (which in itself isn't even cheaper in any way since emotes are 350 and icons 250 while the bundle costs 600RP). 2: The only way to obtain the golden emotes and icons is via the Golden Bundle, which costs 3940(!!) RP if you own Kha Zix already. Let me quickly write down the theoretical worth: 2 icons = 500RP, 2 Emotes = 700 RP, Skin = 1350RP, Chroma = 390RP which adds up to 2940 plus the border and icon for the Kha Zix, which, if we take the SSG borders and icons as the most recent example, should be valued at 890 RP, which leaves us at a total "worth" by Riots previous standards of 3830 RP, 110 RP less than what we pay for the bundle. Now I have to ask, aren't bundles supposed to give the customer a discount for buying a lot of items at once, even including some he may not use? Just like here, where you can only have one icon equipped at a time and you get 3. While you may switch between the Kha icon and the golden team icon I don't see any reason to use the silver icon if you have the "better" one. This point is just to say that the Bundles themselves aren't cheap at all and actually quite expensive. 3: The golden icon and emote can only be obtained through the Golden Bundle, which includes Kha and costs almost 40€ worth of RP, which is effectively burning your money if you don't play Kha Zix at all, just like I do. I would love to support my Team, but I feel really bad about having to either settle for the subjectively worse icon and emote at a reasonable price or having to buy an expensive bundle with a skin and chroma as well as the silver icon and emote I'm not going to choose if I have the "better" alternative. I personally would really appreciate it if the golden emote and icon would be obtainable individually or at least like the Bronze Bundle with both items at once.
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