Competitive meta

I remember S5 when people were complaining it was just Viktor vs Azir every midlane matchup... Now it's just Orianna Vs Corki And Syndra lmao. I hope Riot will give same treatment for this mid lane meta. When a champion has the burst of Viktor + the ability to be shutdown but still be a teamfighting god because of her ult you know somethings wrong. (Orianna) When a champion has better burst of Viktor + better AOE and point click 1000+ ult damage skill you know somethings wrong. (Syndra) Veigar v2.0 cough Azir's kit is problem cough. cough Ryze's kit is problem cough. cough Viktor's kit is problem cough. I'm mid lane player and I care mid lane meta. Another lanes can have same problem but I don't care. I want some answers from Riot. When will you nerf Syndra, Orianna and Leblanc? When will you nerf them out of meta?
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