TSM shouldn't have benched Mike Yeung (Thoughts)

Honestly back in 2016 when TSM pretty much got a new roster, they didn't preform well in the regular season, but a fantastic playoff, Yellowstar was going to stay on TSM but wanted to go back to fnatic, plus he didn't gel well with Doubblelift Now 2018 TSM summer they had a bad start but because it was so close, they almost finished in the top 2 and look good towards the end of the season I think they played well in playoffs but they did really underestimate Clutch, I think that was a major factor in them playing bad Now here comes summer, they bench Mike, replace him with Grig, and honestly yes Grig has had some good moments, but I don't think he's really ever stood out like Mike has in some ways. After 2017 worlds Bjerg said in an interview "It's up to us to develop Mike" Well putting him on the bench after you said you would develop him is a pretty bad move. Also watching TSM Legends I don't think Zven and Mithy have fit in well with TSM, and that's alright that happens. Honestly though, I will never understand why on earth Regi got rid of Sven, Bio and Lift, the most dominate team in NA, for a rookie jungler and a botlane that did worse than Lift and Bio at worlds I think all this team needed was some new backroom staff to help the players develop more, look at CLG, hasn't been to worlds for 2 years now, and they only dropped their support because he wanted to leave for 100T, Regi made TSM for the sake of winning worlds, but not many teams, maybe not even SKT go into worlds thinking they will win, take it one game at a time, develop players and make sure they gel together. Honestly I don't think TSM will get to worlds this year, though I really hope they do, this isn't a post shitting on TSM, I am honestly such a huge fan, I'm just kind of sad because it dosent feel like TSM anymore
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