An ADC Looking for an Ambitious Team , Give me Tryouts.

My IGN : EQLG Kingdom Reason : I'm looking for a team who is really ambitious to join an International tournament , I can Join , but the thing is I was Platinum last season and received a ban and once i received my placement I've been demoted 2 Leagues Platinum to Silver , for your information once you get banned you won't receive an Icon / Border in that particular season. Now I'm struggling to find a team but they don't accept me because of my current rank of having silver , they won't believe me that im from platinum I'm an ADC Main , can play any role , but most likely I win with a role as an ADC , but the requirements for my best game play is to have an "Super-Aggressive Support" but of course it doesn't mean only by pushing once i Freeze my lane , he doesn't panic when a jungler or a toplaner ganks , most-likely the outcome here if I have an aggressive support , I'll be receiving a Quadra kill more than just dying for nothing. Please kindly not type any offensive language or verbal abuse in this Discussion I will respect your decision if you were to invite me in a team but kindly give me 3 try-outs and it will be better if you already find a good support. Thank you for taking your time reading this enjoy your day. By the way I can use skype and available at GMT+4 14:30 - 23:00 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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