Finally cracked it!

Finally cracked this whole deadeye thing. - New champ is a darkin (Aatrox is the only darkin revealed out of 5 of them still alive). - Varus and his bow are strongly related to the deadeye event - That dark champ in the project video (the one Yi sees in his visions) looks pretty similar to this one: - that's Aatrox, a darkin, you do the math - Add this to the math on the previous bullet: - that's not Aatrox, just another darkin - Ao-Shin is scheduled to be released somewhere in July 2016, unrelated to this new champ - New champ unrelated to Shen rework - New skins in the works: Star-Guardian Irelia, Arcade Diana Disclaimer: I've gathered all this info from the web, I have no relation to anyone working at riot, don't even know anyone there. If anyone from riot curious to know where I got this just PM and I can share it, not that it does any good, the source is anonymous, just don't want to get into any trouble. This whole deadeye thing is driving me nuts but I love the detective work. :D EDIT: forgot to mention the new champ is actually Raa'Tul but renamed to Deadeye ;) and this is Ao-Shin for those who haven't seen the concept 'till now: - it's community made , not official but it does a good job of showing the concept. EDIT 2: written over a year ago, Varus's bow is a darkin similar to how Aatrox is actually the name of the sword not the champion himself.
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