Pool Party week rewards not for those who got chat restricted even if only once......

Red Post Collection:Team Up and Pool Party Coming, June 11th Patch Update, and more!
This afternoon's red post collection includes details on the upcoming Team Up week and Pool Party event where the community as a whole will unlock various rewards by playing with friends and gifting, a look at the June 11th patch update, tips from Foxdrop on how to optimize your jungle clear, and more!
So yeah this Pool Party week thing is pretty sweet and the rewards are nice ( if we take into account that all the milestones will be reached). But come on. For having been chat restricted even if only once you dont get anything? Even if i send out tons of mystery gifts to random people and win lots of 5man premade games with friends i wont get anything? I think this is a bit to unfair . Ok maybe people who got banned for hacking/scripting/boosting/etc. dont deserve to get anything. But for someone who got a 20 games chat restriction once...come on riot.

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