1v1 Tournament EUW - Prize $70.00

1v1 Tournament EUW - Prize $70.00 - Challonge
After the Tournament is over, there is a second stage to this tournament. First place can challenge any player for their reward. If this challenge is made, First place must play a champion of the person being challenged choice as long as First place owns that champion and also play with out Runes.
Hop on teamspeak 20 minutes prior to the tournament for check in. Admins will walk you through the rest. Teamspeak address: Rules First Blood, First turret or 100 CS = Victory. If a match lasts longer than 20 minutes, then the player with the most CS wins. Game mode is Aram. March 6, 2016 at 6:45 PM GMT(British Time) is the time of the tournament Prizes 1st Place: $25.00 dollars (Amazon) 2nd Place: $15.00 dollars (Amazon) 3rd Place: $15.00 dollars (Amazon) 4th Place: $15.00 dollars (Amazon) You can register here : http://challonge.com/freyaeuw {{champion:103}} I would apreciate if you Up this post. Good luck ;)

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