Why is Dota 2 Grand Prize/Prize Pool so much Bigger than League of Legends?

Today I found out that the the prize pool of Dota 2 International Championship is 18 000 000 and the winners get 6 600 000 while the total prize pool of League of Legends World championship is 2 000 000 and the winners get 1 000 000. It`s a huge difference and it really saddens me. Actually even a year ago when I didn`t now about Dota 2, I had some thoughts that it is really a small amount of money. Each player only gets 200 k. In USA it`s probably only a yearly salary if you have more or less decent job. Yeah, I get that some people don`t view this serious and see this as free money for playing video games, but the teams work hard to perfect their gameplay and this esports industry just makes a sheitloads of money. On top of that if Valve can do this than I really see no excuse for Riot.

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