New Champion idea Death

i mean in every game u know theres a Death, so i had a thought to input a support/top lane/mid lane champion similar to karthus but his auto attacks with scythe would be melee and every 3rd melee attack would be a slam or reaping souls and every soul would be an aspect of like thresh gains ad or ap or adaptive force in other words scales some degree AP some AD Champions name would be - Death/Watcher/Reaper -(if anyone has better name pls drop it down this discussion)| Auto attack/passive - Melee hits with Scythe every 3rd hit is a scythe slam and drops a souls every dead minion that was killed Q - aoe Slash (areal effect slash with scythe to deal damage to more then 1 target including minions) W - Pull (Uses scythe to pull minion or enemy champion closer) E - summons minions/ghouls or souls gathered (to put use the souls u gather E is to release them which puts them to use sure u lose adaptive force but u gain some of it back not half not 100% but around 10-20% of it maybe less) R - Live or Die (If cast on ally u can Save 1 teammate in return of 1 Enemy near the ally that was killed) I just thought to suggest this but yeah didnt have alot in mind to write

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