Odyssey Contest Entry: Another Journey

Another Journey – A Gun Goddess Miss Fortune and Odyssey crossover “Have a good look, next time you see me.....We won’t be friends.” Sarah Fortune. The most beautiful woman in the known galaxy. And the most destructive criminal hunter in the known universe. She claimed each and every bounty upon their heads. She’d had a rough life ever since the destruction of her home colony, and being the only survivor, she had to find her own two feet. The tensions in the Demaxian Empire did not help her. They only fuelled her anger. As well as that the mysterious disappearance of Ordinal Shieda Kayn, and the endless reports of a crew of misfits known as the ‘Morning Star’, only made her desires for revenge stronger. She was certain the rogue Ordinal had something to do with her ship’s destruction, despite the fact he was not directly responsible for it. But as Kayn’s disappearance was exactly the day the ship was destroyed, there was not a possibility that he was innocent. Many rumours of a man named Gangplank, who was originally one of the Ordinal’s subordinates, had been spreading throughout Demaxia since the failed siege of the Galactic Ice Kingdom, a place nicknamed ‘Freljord’. The attack had been planned and carried out by Gangplank, with the intention of removing the country from the map, using the same methods that had wiped out the home of Sarah years ago. He would have succeeded if not for the recovery efforts of Ashe, the queen of Freljord, and her two most loyal subordinates, Xin Zhao and Lulu. But now the irreversible damages had been done. And now Miss Fortune, the Gun Goddess, is here to collect. ----- “Exo, tell me a joke.” “Coffee fuels the best revenge!” “Is that a joke?” “It was very funny.” Miss Fortune laughed. Some would think that a talking Exosuit as a most trusted companion is crazy, but did the Gun Goddess care? She smirked as she took a sip from her coffee cup in her right hand, newspaper (with headlines that read ‘KAYN STILL MISSING’ and ‘GANGPLANK RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FALL OF THE FORTUNA COLONIES?’) in her left hand, and her favourite television show, ‘The Star Guardians’ on a small television in front of her. Miss Fortune’s spaceship was small, consisting of the cockpit at the front, a small bathroom to the left, a small kitchen area to the right, and a small bunk bed with a television on the wall at the back. Beneath the bed was where her Exosuit lay, already armed and ready to be used. The ship’s destination was Ionan, the last known location of both Kayn and the Morning Star crew. Miss Fortune herself was given a mission, to retrieve the Templar Sona, assassinate Kayn, and turn in the Morning Star crew. As Fortune had a bone to pick with Kayn and the mission’s pay was good, she accepted in an instant. ----- A crash landing was NOT on Miss Fortune’s agenda. She knew Kayn had to be behind this. Who else left scratches and heavy dents on a spaceship that were directly created by Ora? It was as soon as Miss Fortune left the ship she realised that a blade was pointed at the back of her head. Quickly dodging a bullet from the same direction, she turned and fired back at the aggressor. “You did not need to shoot, Jinx. She’s not a Demaxian official.” “Then why do you have your sword pointed at her, Yasuo?” “I’m just being careful. But if you shoot her we are gonna have massive bounties on our heads.” “Whateverrrrrrrrr, we already do.” Jinx? Yasuo? The crew of the Morning Star..... Miss Fortune had a closer look. She recognised Sona, Ziggs, and Malphite. But just when Miss Fortune had only glimpsed at them for a second, a voice bellowed out. “Sona! Finally I’ve found you! Give me what is mine!” She knew that voice. Kayn. And it appeared the Morning Star crew knew him as well. Miss Fortune instantly stood in front of Sona, ready to protect her. Kayn ran forward, scythe in hand, reaching for Miss Fortune in order to destroy her. But the Morning Star crew came to her rescue. Malphite shielded her, Ziggs threw out a bomb, Jinx fired one of her rockets and Yasuo drew his blade. Miss Fortune’s fire, Jinx’s rockets, Ziggs’ bombs, Malphite’s strength, Yasuo’s sword and Sona’s magic. Each were in perfect harmony with each other. The fight had been won from the start. Yasuo grinned. “So, since we saved your butt, you gonna let us go?” Miss Fortune smirked. “Yeah. For now. I’ll go to Demaxia and tell them Kayn has been taken care of.” She opened the door of her spaceship. “But I’m warning you.....” “Have a good look, next time you see me.....We won’t be friends.”

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