Never One Contest Entry: "The Unknown Guest"

So I'm not good with writing, but I thought I would give it a go. Any feedback that is constructive is appreciated. Treat this as a short story for now, will finish this later. **EDIT TITLE CHANGED: The Unknown Guest** _The Unknown Guest_ The amber sun gazes over the twinkling river, the blissful wind howled by the gigantic mountain that asserts on the ground around the green lands. The temple raised up beneath the mountains slope, it casts its shadow alongside it. The luscious, green gentle grass tickles him as he dwindles down to the soft ground, he gazes at the scythes weirdly shaped oracle in the middle. As he wonders it's significance, that the fiercest monks of Vastaya's gave their lives for, the knocking footsteps disrupt his thinking. The weight of the approaching persons voice reflects the grimly armor he is wearing. He kneels over the slender boy and says: "This weapon is more than just a mere tool, it is a gift for you" Young kayn springs up and replies: "Yeah? What's so special about this lawn cutter compared to the other ones I've held? I mean, I still taken those buffoons with it by myself but it feels less than anything with its unsharpened blade" As he continues to take the mockery out of the weapon. The master stands up to him and says "The power it yields is more than what you can comprehend, you don't see it yet. It will soon get to you." “Whatever you say, I’ll go and find out” Kayn leaves Zed as he goes back to the monasteries grounds. Looking with a slight uncertainty, Zed shortly tails behind him to leave for the settling evening. The day departs as the night overshadows all, the silence settles down along with the whispering of the haunted halls that is trying to fight against it. The sharp footsteps can be heard coming from the single door located the furthest from the entrance, impatient figure jumps out of it. The frustration on the face of Kayn as he cannot keep his thoughts away from what he thinks is a rusty old scythe. As he sneaks to the corridor filled with antiques, he furiously grabs the scythe laying on the altar and leaves outside. Throws the scythe on the floor and cries “You were supposed to be my trophy, my way to power! Yet, you can’t even sharpen another blade.” The rage in Kayn insists, as he eyeballs a kick onto the suspiciously looking oracle. “Uaguaha” The hellish eyeris beneath the locked sphere opens, looks around and spots Kayn. “What are you looking at mortal?” Bewildered Kayn is stunned in what just happened, he quickly answers in disbelief and laughter. “Hahaha, so you are supposed to be the power of the weapon? A talking back scratcher?” “Shut up you fool, pick me off this treacherous ground”, responds in mild anger. “Come, I’ll show the power within you” Kayn hesitates, “You’re trying to trick me” “You’re smarter than you look, maybe me and you can work together after all” As Kayn slowly grabs the long handle and lifts up the screeching scythe, he feels a surge of unspeakable power crawling through the hand that touched the handle. “This is what I felt when I picked you up” says Kayn “There is more to it than you think, you just need to give it time” Kayn for the first time since returning back feels the motivation fuel him again. “Alright, I’m impressed, but this is not enough” “What!? What did you expect a bunch of fairy wings to pop out and for you to fly off?” Responds the heavy weapon, “Not exactly, what are you anyway?” “I’m a scythe..” “A talking scythe?” “.. with power” The blade sharpens and the grime has been teared by the dark blade, reflecting onto Kayn. **Word Count: 599** EDIT: Still updating this, fixing some stuff and adding on. Probably gonna replace some text between Kayn and Rhaast to be less of a stupid conversation. ######Moderator note: changed the headline from "The unwanted one" to "The Unknown Guest"
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