Never One Contest Entry: Parallelism

**Parallelism** I give you the gift of life. Buried among the solemn clouds, I watch you bathe in my rays, as they penetrate the lead like shrouds. _Diana._ I beckon you like the thirsting earth calls out for rain. Let me shine upon you. Let me see strips of gold cast down onto your moonlight skin. _Diana._ But you don’t listen. You’re no flower which turns to the sun, You’re nothing short of the very thorn that sits underneath the shading petals of a rose- watching them fall one by one. _Diana._ I beg you, as dusk approaches not to leave me, to stay by my side as you rise to the obsidian sky. -- I shout your name at dawn gazing at your fallen pale form from above. You’re washed in warm hues of orange, red and yellow. They don’t touch you though. Lips barely moving you whisper my name. _Leona._ The world flickers, dark and gruesome as you rise, but all I remember is my name on your wicked lips. _Leona,_ you call. _Diana,_ I echo -- knowing our time has come.
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