Special Forces/ Omega Squad Pyke

So I have idea for a long time about new Pyke skin.{{champion:555}} It could look like some night infiltration specialist, maybe some Splinter Cell style. So he would have black camo as outfit, night vision googles, Huntsman knife/machete or karambit as weapon. **For his Q**: Pyke takes out his grappling hook and pulls enemy. If only tapped, he stabs his weapon like always. **For his W**:Pyke will put on his night vision googles and sreen borders would have some high tech night vision theme, and it have a bit green like filter. Also he can say something like “Omega Squad, going dark.“ or something like that. **For his E**: Pyke slides ahead and leaves behind red flare or smoke granade, after a while, stun area will be shot or bombed by air support. **For his R**:Pyke will throw smoke granade or flare on enemy position where right after that, mortar or some bomb drop hits. If Pyke hits it good, his refresh abillity will lights up his equipment where he has LED lights with strong green light. **For his recall**: Pyke takes out radio and ask for evac, after that he hides his radio and throws flare on floor where helicopter/plane shadow shows up and he hooks onto it and fly with it away on spawn. All this is just concept. I would be extremly grateful if this will be added in game.

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