Never One Contest Entry:The Causes,A Tale of The Darkins

So i imagined this short story of the darkins finally takes a step to conquer the word and unit the far known 3 darkins under one Goal i imagined here that half the darkins got consumed by the void while the other rather Sealed ( the strong ones"5 Darkins") Or died ( the weak ones ) wish you have fun and with pleasure i represent you the short story "The Causes" #Word Count:994 ------ In runeterra's desert the three darkins together {{champion:266}} {{champion:110}} , conflicting for the lack of a cause to be united , for a reason to keep them from being sealed down again for years "As we three united my brothers we are fearsome but we can yet become stronger" said rhaast "I DON'T CARE FOR A UNITY RHAAST I GOT MY OWN GOALS TO ACCOMPLISH, YOU BOTH ARE WEAKER THAN BEFORE" said aatrox furiously "True aatrox, but you can't fight the world alone brother , with the rest of us united you can do what you wish for ,quicker"said rhaast "RHAAST WE FOUGHT OURSELVES BEFORE, WHAT MAKES YOU SO CURTAIN WE WON'T DO THE SAME UNITED?"asked aatrox " Our Goals may vary , but the cause is one after all"replied rhaast As varus quietly sitting eyes closed , focused on something else going in his mind "MY CAUSE IS TO SHOW THIS WORLD TRUE DESPAIR RHAAST , AND YOU ARE IN MY WAY, BROTHER " said aatrox bending his back holding the edge of his sword by rhaast's neck " im not against any one here, unless you wish i be" said rhaast holding his scythe's edge by aatrox's arm ""Are they even honest with themselves?"" Said a voice within varus's mind ""Wait a moment and they will fight eachother"" said another voice ""So you finally decided to showed up""said varus to himself , while rhaast and aatrox are heavily arguing ""These darkins got no convincing cause to unite"" said a voice ""Or even to conflict""said the other voice ""I care less but **I** ... got one for myself""replied varus to them ""Whatever you do, the rituals to seal you back is not forgotten yet, the aspects won't fade from existence ,no matter What you do"", ""this fate will be awaiting all of you""said both at once ""YOU DON'T SPEAK OF THIS ANY LONGER, WE WILL NOT BE SEALED AGAIN WE WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN" Said varus with a contempt look starting to apear on his face Rhaast noticed varus while he was arguing aatrox, With a twist of rhaast he knocks aatrox hand away Off his neck facing varus aiming his scythe toward his face "what's the matter varus? , you got used to peace and silence?"said rhaast ,"Speak! , What do **you** desire?" Resting his scythe down towards varus heart "I FIGHT TO SHOW THIS WORLD FEAR AND DESPAIR, THEN COLLAPSE IT UNDER MY BLADE, I WILL FORCE THEM TO OBEY ME"said aatrox interrupting intending to leave Varus finally opens his eyes wide at aatrox "and you think that **Zoe** will let you , Or Will you pray to her first to let you?" Said varus to aatrox mocking "you dare to say this name, not just that , YOU HAD THE GUTS TO MOCK ME WITH IT TOO ! , VARUS, **YOUR DEATH WISH GRANTED** " said aatrox rushing toward varus intending to cut his throat "Hold on aatrox Hold on !, he got a point we must consider" said rhaast who jumped in between holding aatrox from reaching varus "ONE MORE FOOLISH WORD VARUS AND I WILL BATHE THIS SWORD WITH **YOUR** BLOOD BEFORE HER'S" said aatrox lifting his sword to varus's face Varus quickly jumps back drawing his arrow ready to strike aatrox's head "You fear that the blade shatters Taking you with it , and you are afraid to be sealed for ages again" said varus,"**Aatrox** , you want to end this world so no one can harm your limitness , and you **Rhaast** want an empire to be protected within it" "AND WHAT DO YOU WANT"shouted aatrox "The nation , our legacy nearly ended , the darkin nation MUST rise again , and for that cause i draw breath, FOR THAT CAUSE I MADE THIS FLESH" replied varus "and i want to unite our strength, build the empire of the darkins based on the nation you wish to revive varus , and drive the world mad By despair as aatrox will be our conqueror , all the world will fear to even speak of us Once again, control them, destroy them , we will take the decision" said rhaast to both who rested there weapons away from each other "The sister , for now we need to find her , our **dismay** "said varus "Yes varus! Two more To find"said rhaast ""Protect the nation of ours is what's needed to be done first, the nation that the void consumed and the celestials"" said varus to himself. ""...."" ""...."" "THIS CURSE HOLDS US , THE CELECTIALS WON'T EVER LET US" "Listen aatrox , once we unite you can fight there army back with It ours, will be yours to command , a nation fell before don't let it foolishly fall again"said varus "I WILL BE WITH YOU , BUT IN ONLY ONE CONDITION, DESTROY THE WORLD'S HOPE AND SHOW IT DESPAIR WITH ME , MAKE THEM LOSE THAT HOPE THEY HAD ONCE WE GOT SEALED " said aatrox "That's for sure once we bring the darkins back" said rhaast "And forever this nation will stand , from now rhaast..., Aatrox,.. there is no turning back,the void consumed half of the nation while the celestials conquered the other" said varus "WHAT MAKES YOU SO SURE THAT **SHE** WOULD BE WITHIN THIS LIFELESS PLACE?"Asked aatrox "Think of it , we Were spread across the nations to make it harder for us to reunite , aatrox " said rhaast ," the void got our nation within it's grasp , freeing them *somehow* should be our Earliest goal" "Still , how to cast the void away?" asked varus "We may not need to cast it away brother, we may Cleanse them out of it , the **Celestial Dragon** is the only one who can Cleanse the void portals , and i remember that the targonians control him By a **Crown** he wears , We need to control them **Or** the Celestial Dragon himself" Said rhaast "i know the Sister , She got no such power ,unless ...the fifth one may be useful in such a thing ?" Asked varus " Ow don't worry brother , i got just the plan for this" Finished rhaast , with a wide smile on his face

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