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Touma's First Encounter with Misaka Mikoto
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I’m no lore expert, or Riot worker, but knowing their lore and personalities thanks to Necrit and all, I could imagine something like this to happen in the future with Taric, the Protector, and Fiora, the Duellist if they ever meet. What do you guys think? What I mean is. Considering that he is the Protector, and Sylas leads the mages against Demacia, Taric might pop up to protect people that he sees worthy protecting. Be it a mage (Lux, or other), or a Demacian (Jarven, Garen). Since, he is a Demacian exile, probably not all people will welcome him, and they might even engage him. And as such, Fiora, or her opponent might end up being protected/saved by him, which she will not like very much and confront him about it again and again. And as time goes on, mutual respect, friendship or something other (love, hate, rivalry, etc.) might grow from it.

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