The Piller which all Great Men lean on.

The Grand General stood tall within his new chamber, one of the many gifts that the deceased Darkwill left behind.... along with his head. As Swain looked outside from the giant window of his newly stolen chamber, royal soldiers worked to remove every piece of art or relics that he deemed unworthy of His chamber, and decided to put in the archives or to be burned to ashes. most of the items were burned to the ground. The General liked the idea. Burn everything that's not necessary or useful..... So he can rebuild anew. While focusing on that idea and holding his new, but quite Itching, arm beneath his coat, the soldiers suddenly stopped their duties to salute with a great shout of honor to their new offical commander of the army, carrying his axe and something else that's been wrapped in cloth on his back. "Considering the favors I asked of you, what kept you late so much, Darius?" Darius ordered the soldiers to go back to their jobs. "If you want an apology, even you in the highest seat wouldn't get it, not from me." "Stubborn and rough as always, even after our victory." -" Isn't that the reason you chose me as the new commander, Oh Great Grand General?" Swain laughs, to the surprise of the soldiers around. "So considering this Hold up, I assume all the tasks I asked of you are done?" "They are being completed as we speak." "Oh?" Swain now had a confused look in his eyes, to the amazment of the soldiers. "The body of Borham was burned, the head was stuck in the middle of Prime for all to see, but new cities and villages now grouped up against us, supporting the current rebels. I've already sent new units to those places, they will learn what the punishment of defying Noxus really is." "And of the last labor?" Darius reached his hand to his back, taking the long, wrapped object and began to unreveal it. "It was shattered, so I gave order to take it and repair it, and to be honest, even I'm impressed with the work." Darius handed Swain his old Cane, holding it in his arm and admiring how it was wonderfully repaired, as Darius described it. Swain smiled. Even Darius was surprised. Swain looked around the chamber, and called one of the soldiers to him. it was the youngest of the royal soldiers, Callen. Darius knew him, he didn't had a lot of experience on battlefields, but the kid had heart and love for Noxus. Darius wondered what this is about. "Have a good look of this, soldier. Tell me, what do you think of it?" "I-it looks like a g-good cane, sir. Very handy for walkin and even f-fighting."- Callen responded. "Indeed, It was very "handy", as you said. It served me for a long time... maybe too long."- Swain looked at it and smiled again, as Callen slowly became more sure and relaxed. "It held me up right, as I'm standing now, even though my knee was crushed. It served me, at my side always, and helped me go on and reach what I wanted to achive... and here I am, now a Grand General, with the help of this. If I were to compare it, I would compare it to Noxus itself. Humor me with your ideas of why I compare between the two." "Well", Callen said, "it's as you said- Noxus and the Cane can both hold you up right, they both help you achive what you desire.. It's a piller of stone, that all Great Men use and lean on in order to reach their targets." Swain smiled at Callen, satisfied with the answer and it's description. "Indeed, A piller of stone...Yes, indeed it is. Now I would like you to hold it", he said, while letting Callen take the Cane. "Feel its weight, calculate its length in your head. Now what do you say?" "It feels great, sir" Callen responds, while holding it with both hands in front of Swain. Darius didn't like where this is going. "Now, for another question for you, soldier: what do you do with anything that isn't useful to you currently?" Callen thought deeply and after a few seconds responded. "Well.. I Think... I think that... if something, like this cane, is no longer useful, maybe make something useful from it? give it a new purpose?" And Swain smiled again. "Yes, soldier. exactly. Take something that isn't useful.... and make it useful again. That is what me and Commander Darius did. Took this land, who was ruled by a fool with too much pride he could choke on it in his sleep, Destroyed that corrupted goverment, and rebuilt this country from the ashes. You, all of you"- he looked at all the other soldiers- "were a part of that recreation... You all helped us Rebuild Anew. That is why I took over Noxus.... and that is also why I"- A great crushing of wood frightened the chamber, besides Darius who just looked annoyed, and the Cane snapped in two, right in Callens hands, as Swains hand, red and malicious, broke the Cane.- "...Destoyed this Cane. Now, I want you to go to the armory with those shards, and ask them to burn the wood, as fuel for making my new Cane." "N-n-new cane, s-sir???" Callen asked in fear. Swain's normal, cold and unforgiving face returned, as well as the attitude that came along with it. "Yes, my new cane. it will be the same length and weight as the one you held, but the new one will be made of pure Noxian Steel. No need for any fancy desgins on the handle or the cane itself. Are My instructions clear,Soldier?"- Swain asked, neary giving Callen a heart attack from the pressure that was laid down by it. "Y-y-y-yessir They a-are clear!!"- Callen now shakes slightly in pure fear. "Very well. Dismissed" Swain said, as he flicks his normal hand in the door's direction. Callen leaves the chamber running, as all others go back to their tasks, like nothing just happend currently that stopped them. Darius growls in anger. "I see no logical reason why the hell you just threw my task to a fire, and scared the living soul out of one of MY soldiers." "Have you heard nothing of this converstion, Darius? Have you not learned its lesson? This is what we did. We destroyed... in order to rebuild anew. you should always remember that... This is what I entrust with you. Your final task. If this goverment falls to corruption, if it becomes useless, if I'm not there, I want you to destroy it. Burn it to the ground, to ashes that will fly in th wind with the smallest blow of wind, then you-" "Rebuild it" Darius stopped him. "Yes, I know. Although this is an absurd task, since this goverment will never fall, we made it stronger and better then it ever was. You need to take pride in your spoils of war, as I am when I'll finally kill the head of the rebels." "Then go and take that loot, Commander." "As you wish, Grand General." Darius leaves the chamber, to the dismay and fear of the soldiers, as Swain returns to the window. "Yes... We desroyed. and from the ashes, we will rebuild anew." -fin-

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