Snowdown Contest Entry: An Open letter from Yorick

An Open letter by Yorick Yorick at 6 years: Daddy, mommy told me to write this to you, i think you can receive from heaven mommy said that the angel kayle can deliver it to you, is it true that you are you waiting for me above the mount targon? Snowdown was weird without you i was hoping to see you downstairs to open the gifts, i know that you are in a better place now, i hope you show up in my dreams today daddy. 8 Years past Yorick: Hey dad sorry for writing late this time, i am 14 now, i hope you can see me from there, i am in 8th grade now, my teacher is professor ryze, i get straight A’s in every discipline. Did you know that i can pick an extra curricular activity ? Guess what, i chose fishing, i like this one because i can remember when i went fishing with you i always use your rod, it gives me confidence. Everytime i catch a fish i can only remember the day we were heading to the river and the sun was getting lower, do you remember it dad? We caught a huge sushi, that was the nickname that you gave to the the big fish’s and i never understood but i always use that name because when i use i could fear a warm sensation. I always use your chair to fish i think it still has your smell, i try not to cry but it’s hard every holiday is different without you, specially snowdown I MISS THE TIME WHERE YOU AND ME WHENT TO THE RIVER TOGETHER I MISS THE GLASS OF MILK THAT YOU WOULD GIVE IN EVERY SNOWDOWN, NOWADAYS I M GOING TO CATCH THE FISH FOR SNOWDOWN ALONE. Everytime i go to the river i hate to turn my head because i think you are right next to me, when i see that there is nothing i can only feel sadness, snowdown has no meaning without you. Can you hear me? 4 years past Yorick: Hey dad i m eighteen now mom says that i look like you everyday, i love mirrors do you know why? because in someway i can see you… i don t know if you are understanding me. Snowdown was yesterday i caught the fish as always it was only me and mom eating this time, uncle karthus had an emergency, do you know what is quite funny? Mom still put’s food in the table for you, the chair is empty i ask her why she does that, she tells me that since you died she always did that, i noticed this for the first time, mom told that when is the day after snowday the food is all gone, she thinks that is that you eating. I called her a fool, and then she sent me to my room, while mom was sleeping i got out of the room to see if what she told was true, and guess what the fork was in a different position, i went speechless i broke the plate in pieces, in those pieces i saw my reflex and tought to myself who am i?... the dinner room suddenly went dark and i could see a light near your fishing rod, as i approach the light i coud feel a warm sensation, and then i saw kayle she was real mom told me true all this time, she gave a letter , and then went away, the letter had your perfume that s when i knew that it was from you i read it tears came up in my eyes you told me that you were okay and since the moment that you died you were always in my side even when i was going to fish alone, the only thing that only came up to my head was “WHY COULDN T I FEEL HIS PRESENCE” and then i realized since you were gone i forgot the meaning of snowdown… that s why i couldn t feel you. A memory pop up into my head it was when i was 5 years you and me where swimming in snowdown, it was cold but you and i couldn t feel it because we were having fun. After this memory i realized that when snowdown comes i will not cry or mourn you i will celebrate and remember the time that i spend with you, i will help with the dinner now mom is calling me see you at the dinner table Dad šŸ˜Š.

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