Borders are a mess

Well we all know the borders from summoner icons. Let's be honest they are a mess. I got level 75 and with it a really cool border. We all know this lasts only until you get level 100 then it is changed FOREVER. Well guys THAT IS A PROBLEM. I love that border really much and I want to keep it. This is what Riot should do. As you can change your summoner icon you can change the border(I know this is possible, but not the way I want). You should be able to choose from a wider variety. If you like gold rank border but you are Platinum, you should be able to use the gold one. If that is not convincing enough for devs here I got for you a way to get money out of it. Make some borders purchaseable like ward skins or icons. I am not telling you to make every border purcahse only, I say that you can make I don't know, for example a Blood Moon or PROJECT-themed border that you can buy and keep it forever. Now the idea behind this is to let us keep a border forever, not until we level up or get a new rank. I hope Riot will give me an answer as I think this is what the WHOLE comunity wants(as I saw this is not the only post with this subject). Well I would love to hear what you have to say about this. Let's make this game the way we want from all points of view, and a great way to start is the borders of summoner icon.

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