A Story to tell.

So, I have had this idea for quite a lot of time now. But, I have never really had the time to work on it... It's a bizzare story of league. Heavily JoJo referenced. But also with the League taste. Filling in some lore gaps, and creating new to fit in :D This is the first arc, having both Garen and Jhin's back stories. Hope you guys enjoy! I also plan on voice acting, and animating this, let's hope I do xD Chapter One : First Meeting Garen, has lived his entire life in ‘High Silvermoon’ in the infamous kingdom of ‘Demacia’ as the son of the veteran military officer ‘Peter’. Born into the crownguard, Garen knew that he was fated to defend the throne of Demacia, and the king. He trained harder than any of the kids to protect his family, to protect his king, to protect his kingdom, of the unspeakable horrors that his uncle told him of. Garen always thought of his training as ‘fate’, that he was never meant to play along the kids. He always thought he was doing the right thing for the right cause. However, sometimes when he used to take a break, he would sit in front of the garden’s bars where he watched the kids play together. He would get a feeling of happiness, a desire to play with them. To have friends, lots of them. But he always knew that he had to take on his responsibility to protect them as well. So, these kids could grow and have sons and daughters. Form families, and live happily ever after. One day, while Garen was busy climbing the trees in the forest. “Garen, come here!” Shouted his father from down below. “Yes, father!” Garen responded as he climbed down the tree with complete precision. His father stood while putting his hand on a pale, skinny kid, “Great climbing, you are making some progress here!”. “Thanks, father!” Garen bowed, looking at the strange kid he never saw before. “Alright. Garen, this is Jhin, your new brother!” Peter looked at the confused Garen, “I hope you train him well. As this would greatly make me happy!”. Garen, still confused as to “why?”, stood as a soldier and bowed once more, “Yes, sir!”. “Thank you! I will be leaving him to you now.” Peter looked at Garen with proud eyes, and a warm smile. Leaving the two alone. “Jhin it is?” Garen looked at the kid’s thin body. “Y-Yes..Khada Jhin...” Jhin stuttered, looking at the ground. “Let’s call you Jhin for now.” Garen looked around, “I’m not sure why my father decided to bring you to me. But, Jhin.” He stepped closer to him, held his head straight, “I am here to train. Do not hinder my progress.” Garen's eyes widened, as his tone changed to sharp, “however, as my father ordered me...I shall train you, Khada Jhin!” He smiled. Chapter Two : Jhin Jhin, was an ordinary kid. Born to an Ionian farmer who lived a simple life with his wife and son. However, this peaceful life did not seem to last. As Jhin's mother was found brutally murdered along the river of their small village. Jhin was the one to find her. At that time, Jhin's life was about to take a sharp turn. Jhin's father stopped working. His wife's death was too much for him, it drove him into a deep depression. He was already old, his wife was the one that gave him hope in life. Who gave him the strength to work hard everyday with a smile on his face, and an everlasting satisfaction. A week after the incident, Jhin's father took his own life. Farmers said that he did it in front of his child. That his child sat in the same room as his dead father, staring at him until people found out. The story spread like fire in the village, and the near villages. They then had two problems: One, the murderer to find. Two, the kid to take care of. Finally, the story seemed to reach ‘Peter’, a military officer in the crown guard, who was known for his cunning mind and strategic power. Peter decided that it was best he took care of that child; because, it would both strengthen the trust of Ionians to the kingdom of Demacia, and it would empower his personal position. Chapter Three : Art As time passed on, Jhin grew alongside Garen and the Crownguard. He could not train as hard as Garen; However, he was far superior when it came down to guns. A master with the rifle he was. Garen admired him more than any of his fellow trainees. While Jhin trained on rifles, Garen always noticed a spark in his eyes. A spark of passion; that is why Garen admired him. They both were good friends until the cursed incident. While Garen was walking in the forest, having a fresh breath of air. He noticed a drip of blood on his shoe. Slowly looking up, his eyes widened and his throat was shut. The dog of his sister ‘Iggy’ was pinned to the tree above, his stomach wide open, cleaned of organs. Filled with blood red roses. He quickly ran towards Jhin’s workshop in the park, rushed in without knocking he entered. There he saw what would forever change Garen’s life. Jhin sat on his favourite red chair. A heart on his disk. A bloody cutter in his hand, with an annoyed reaction on his face. “Knock knock?”. Garen, senselessly held him to the wall. “WHAT DID YOU DO?” “Huh? So you saw my master piece” Jhin replied with a wide smile. “Masterpiece? Do you have any idea what you have just done, JHIN?” Garen shouted as hard as he could. Guards quickly grouped around the workshop. However, Garen told them that it is fine. “Listen, Jhin. I know your background. I have known it for years now, and I do not blame you for it” Garen sat down, trying to calm himself, “we could explain this to father,...He will surely understand!” Jhin on the other hand was calm, but confused. “Explain what?” Garen looked at him, puzzled. Pointing at the messy bag of organs. “This is art, Garen! What do I have to explain?” Jhin explained himself, wiping his shirt with frowned eyebrows. And suddenly, ‘Peter’ entered the room. Angry. “What happ--” He stuttered when he saw the bloody bag, the heart on the disk, and the blood on the floor. He looked at the ground in silence. “Garen.” “Yes, father!” Garen replied nervously. “Get out” Peter ordered. And so, utterly dazed, Garen walked out of the room with a shut mouth. But hundreds of words to spell, as Peter shut the door. Chapter Four : Part One : First Blood Peter assigned trustworthy guards to take the dog off the tree. He then proceeded to act like nothing has ever happened, as normal as he could be. The thing that triggered Garen, making things more difficult for him. Garen never understood why Jhin did the thing he did. “He must have done more things than just this”, “what if he did this to men?”, “all of this must have happened because of his early life, right?”, “how am I supposed to act around him now?” These were questions that seemed to fill up Garen’s mind, while he trained. “Hey! Garen! Focus on the training!” Shouted Garen’s trainer, as Garen caught his breath. Meanwhile, Jhin was standing in the middle of the forest where he hanged his masterpiece. Aggressively, he threw a bag on the ground, took out the rifle on his back and shot four shots to the tree in front of him. “Why would you take down such art?”, “why would you ruin a masterpiece?”, “why would you ask someone to not be who he is?”, “why is my art bad?”, “art requires a certain cruelty!” Questions that filled his mind, leaking out into four precise bullets. “Jhin!” Peter came from afar, “what are you doing here?” He shouted. “Oh! Peter, Peter, Peter!” Jhin walked towards him with the rifle in his hand. “Stay where you are, Jhin!” He shouted as he started to sweat, perhaps he sensed the danger approaching. “Peter” Jhin stopped, “I am a slave to this passion!” He looked at Peter with eyes wide open. “JHIN!” Peter shouted as he took out his gun, swiftly pointing towards Jhin. “You lack imagination.” Jhin replied, “do you want to bet whose gun is going to fire first?”. “Peter, my rifle is a beauty.” “I never thought you would be this evil!” Peter sighed. “Art requires a certain cruelty.” Jhin took a step closer. “Do not move any further, Jhin!” Peter shouted, “I will not hesitate.” “You are afraid, Peter” Jhin reloaded the gun, “art shall blossom from your fear.” “JHIN, PLEASE!”, desperate, Peter begged for mercy. “Ah,...Peter.” Jhin aimed the rifle, “now, that is what I want to see.” “ONE!” He shouted, firing the first shot towards his leg. “TWO!” Second bullet was to his arm. “THREE!” Third was to his shoulder. “Peter” Jhin whispered, “life has no meaning, but your death shall.” “FOUR!” Jhin shot Peter in the heart. It was as if time stopped to Peter. His heart beat slower, his breath was heavier, his eyes slowly blinked. “Why did I take him in again?” He thought, “is it because I wanted to shelter him? Or is it for my own glory? I guess that is the price of selfishness...True intentions crystalize as oneself dies. It is...Beautiful.” And as Peter took his last breath, there came Garen running towards the scene. Chapter Four : Part Two : Brothers With the sword in his hand, Garen ran towards his father while the tears scattered away. “F-Father!” He stuttered. Garen held his father’s hand close to his heart. He realized it was too late. The tears fell off his cheek to the flower on the ground. Tears of pure love, mixed with anger and tragedy. “Let’s start the show!” Jhin smiled as he grabbed the bag he threw earlier. While Garen’s eyes pierced towards him. “JHIN!” He shouted, “CHARGE!” He ran towards Jhin with the sword aiming for a certain death. “This mask, Garen! Was the reason I disappeared for months! I looked for it in the lands of Ionia” Jhin took out a silver mask from the bag, “to defeat you, Garen. I must do this…” “JHIN!” Garen shouted louder, and louder with each step. Just as Jhin put on the mask, he fell on the ground and blood started dripping down off his face. Confused, Garen slowly stopped running. “J--Jhin?” He stuttered nervously. Garen once again felt lost, his heart wagering. Does he feel sorrow for his brother, or does he feel happy for the death of the murderer of his father? He understood nothing. Left in the shadows. Perhaps, Garen’s lack of knowledge led him to suffer the most. A tragic fate, Garen’s. As he sat crying on the ground, Jhin moved his hand. “Am I seeing things now?” Garen cried. Then stood Jhin. “What is it, Jhin? Did you come back to life to punish me? GIVE ME A BREAK!” Garen shouted in despair. “No, Garen. I was never dead.” Jhin mumbled dramatically. “I SAID GIVE ME A BREAK!” Garen repeated as he hit the ground with his hands. “Huh?” Looked Jhin in confusion, “I see…” He moved closer to Gare, put his hand on his shoulder. “Garen. I am pure. My art is pure. Your father is now free. I freed him from his curse.” “Huh?” Garen cried as the grief slowly turned into laughter. Laughter that exposed hopelessness, and the abnormal fate of the poor young Crownguard. “I invite you to perform with me, Garen. A brother to a brother” Jhin reached his hand. Garen quickly hit him in refusal. “My father. That poor dog. The innocents of Demacia.” Garen slowly stood up, “someone like you shall never see another sunshine!” Garen swiftly wielded his giant sword for a fatal hit. “Alright!, Garen!” Jhin shouted, “THE BARD” Suddenly everything stopped. It was as if time itself has stopped, in fact, it has. As the golden color was set to everything around them, but Jhin and his new companion. “Oh, Garen...Look at you.” Jhin moved closer to the golden Garen, “you are no match to my new power, I believe it’s called a ‘Stand’, and it’s name shall be [The Bard]. A perfect name for a perfect musical performer, Bard.” Jhin moved further away from the sword, as he mumbled. “And now, the curtain rises!”, and everything returned to normal; except, Jhin dodged the sword. While Garen was shocked a whisper echoed from behind, “One..”. Then a bullet pierced his leg. “Jhin..” He looked behind to see the magnificent creature beside Jhin. “Do you like him?” Jhin asked, “he is called a stand,...While I have no clue as to what exactly he is, I enjoy him. This mask I wear is what brought him here.” “Jhin,...Why are you doing this?” Garen coughed. “Why? Because beauty is pain…” Jhin whispered, “TWO!” Garen’s screams echoed in the forest, as he tried to stand up. Despite his wounded legs. “Huh. Fabulous. Wonderful!” Jhin smiled behind the mask in a passionate tone, “Inspired!” “FOR DEMACIA!” Garen once again shouted as he rushed towards Jhin with not a bit of fear. “How lovely!” Jhin shouted passionately, “THE BARD!” Time once again stopped. Everything colored with gold, and a soft calm music played in the background, “The show never ends!” Jhin shouted once more, “but that was a terrible arrangement, Bard.” Bard quickly chimed. “Now, face the ground and bleed for them, Garen.” Jhin carefully summoned a blooming lotus trap under the golden Garen, “prepare for your finale.” “Time resumes”. As everything reverted to normal, under Garen exploded the lotus. Shattering the glory and the pride of Demacia once and for all. Garen’s armor was scattered across the forest and around where they stood. “Goodbye my brother. Through me, you ascend!” Said Jhin as he slowly walked away. “W--Why…” Garen coughed as he tried desperately to stand. “Huh? You are still alive!...Impressive” Jhin smiled, “in fact, I admire you!” “Why did you do this to us?” Garen coughed once more, “I treated you as my brother!” “That...Is correct. And I am thankful. However, Art is merely art.” Jhin summoned Bard. “You shall die with my [The Bard], Garen. To honor your spirit.” Garen looked at the ground silently, “just remember that...No matter what happens, Jhin. We are still brothers!” “Oh, yes yes!” Jhin stepped closer, while Garen suddenly smiled. “Thank you, Jhin!” Garen put on the warmest of smiles, a smile that would shelter Demacia for years to come.“JUSTICE!” “Eh!” Jhin’s heart suddenly fluttered as a shiver went down his spine. “THE BARD!” “What is this above me?”, “What cheap trick did Garen just pull?”, “If I get hit by this…It will be fatal!”, “I, Khada Jhin...I, KHADA JHIN!” Jhin looked at Garen admirably as his ability was about to run out of time. “I guess it is just a couple of seconds away. Garen! You have surpassed my expectations. Your will shall go on forever. I suppose it’s my turn to become a masterpiece myself!” “Time resumes.” As Jhin’s [The Bard] ability faded away, the sword of justice coming from the sky fell on him. Finally eradicating the pure evil that once lived among them as a pure soul. Garen coughing blood on the ground tried to reach his hand to Jhin, “I’m sorry.” He said, slowly collapsing. “EH! GAREN SAMA!” From afar shouted a running bull to Garen’s aid. Alistar, they called him.
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