Sad ahri fanfic

Ahri has always been a beloved champion, and this shew knew. She could charm any man, woman or creature almost instantly, and even without charming them she knew how much others looked at her and lusted after her. She many outfits (skins) to wear, and she was great company to have around, but Ahri felt a little sad. It was a combination of people not caring about anything more than her body, and the guild that she was always being doted on, but never did anything but take. Of course there were many that she seduced that she indulged in bodily pleasure before taking their souls, but wasn't that really just a trap for her to take even more? Ahri laid down on her stomach to think it over a bit more. She would be lying if she said she hated the attention, but she found herself longing for someone who appreciated the way she looked AND more. "That's it!" she thought to herself. "I need to find a lover so that we can love each other wholeheartedly. I could even indulge them in physical pleasure to spoil them." Of course, they would have to be the right one, not some loudmouth ego like Draven. The more she thought of it, the more she desired it. It then dawned on her the type of relationship she would like. Xayah and Rakan! They love each other, playfully tease each other, and are totally devoted to each other. She also knows that they have a very active sex life with each other.
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