Odyssey Contest Entry: Before All Was Silence

Silence simmered away as soft strumming silhouettes of music reflected off the crystal chambers that decorated the linings of the caves. A silent Sona stood in the centre, basking in ethereal light. ~ What a beautiful place… ~ Each time the Maven would strum on the Etwahl, the glassy shards would shake and sing a corresponding celestial tune in response. ~ The fanfare ascends. ~ Sona was alone, though the different hued crystals would reflect her in different colours, it could not make her feel any less lonely. ~ I don't always want to be alone.~ Despite her sad tone in heart, the tones of her Etwahl continued with spring and elegance. Just as the reverbs began to reach a forte, fortissimo shattered the peace. ~ Shimmerstrikers..!~ Spectral shades burst through the crystals, scythes swarming around Sona. Unprepared for the attack, Sona shut her eyes, bracing herself for the demise. ‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND LIFT OFF!’ Streaks of saffron smoke and flame suddenly surfaced, as a tangerine haired girl began to fire at the predators with ease despite the large cannon slung around her shoulders. It was all too much for Sona, whose eyes were beginning to flicker from shock before her balance broke and all she saw was black. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ‘AND I WAS LIKE; HEH! AND BOOM BOOM BANG BABY!’ The tangerine haired girl shouted elatedly, her arms mimicking explosions and collisions as she hopped around the floor of the ship Sona had awoken upon, her Etwahl juddering from the vibrations of Jinx’s footsteps. Thankfully the sofa absorbed the tremors enough for Sona not to be too alarmed at the girl’s rambunctious actions. ‘And now you’re aboard the Morning Star! Only the BEST ship in the galaxy! Don’t believe me?’ She continued, slowly walking towards a monitor which was conveniently placed, as she brought out a video tape with scrawled writing on it deciphering; ‘Jinx’s Happy Fun Crew and Co’. Before Sona could react the monitor flickered to life, and Sona’s eyes began to radiate with scenes of fighting, games and ship life. ~ So this is what it’s like to not be alone… ~ Sona looked up from the screen, as the movement flickered away, surprised and confused when suddenly the sofa was filled with members of the ship in the video, and gave Jinx a timid gaze. ‘So kid, whaddya say?’ _____________________________________________________________________ Hey guys, thank you so much for reading my short story on how Sona ended up joining the Morning Star! It's definitely very short, but I'm really pleased with my subtle references to Sona's chromas, and music dynamics to make the piece what it is <3 It's my first time writing fanfiction so I hope you can forgive me with all the time jumps Q-Q {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
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