Odyssey Contest Entry: Bounty hunter for hire

K: Heh, my name is Kayn, the soon to be ruler of the universe, with the power of the Scythe Rhaast at my disposal, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. Isn’t that right Rhaast? R: Humhumhumhum… K: Rhaast…? R: Nothing, now go Rend the flesh of our enemies! K: Yes, right, anyway, all we need to do now is find Sona, the Templar, so she may reveal the secrets of the Ora Gate, so I may become the new Emperor of the universe! R: Yes, you… K: She will be mine…the last encounter I had with those petulant crew members was with Yone, ah so unfortunate, Captain Yasuo’s brother, cut down, he wouldn’t tell me of the Templar’s location, loyal to the very end. R: Yes, so much flesh, strewn out across the ship, a beautiful sight! K: Ugh, Rhaast… R: You cut him into tiny little pieces, not me heh... K: Anyway, I need your help. what do you say, truce? Dread Nova Darius: Fine kid, truce, but I expect the pay to be good, and I mean, reaaaal good. K: Yes of course, once I have control of the universe, anything will be yours, of course, I need the head of Captain Yasuo as proof. DND: Hmph, consider it done. I expect an army once this is all over. _Dread Nova Darius walks towards his ship and leaves_ R: Who was that thing before me? K: Just another worm. R: Now what? K: Well…it is the weekend…so. R: What are you implying? K: Karaoke night again…? R: …. R: …. R: sure. K: so..what do you want to sing..? R: I see trees of green… K: Red Roses too… R: I see them bloom… _Kayn looks at Rhaast will a loving expression on his face_ K: For me and you… R: And I think to myself… K + R: What a wonderful world! K: I feel all weird now Rhaast… R: Me too. K: Well…I think that’s enough Karaoke for a while, don’t you think, Rhaasty boy. R: *coughs* Yes, quite enough of that for a millennium or two. K: Well, what now? R: Kill the Morningstar crew and forget about this? K: You didn’t say the magic word. R: Please? K: No, that’s not the magic word Rhaast. R: Oh, I see. R: Please Emperor Kayn? K: Heh, that’s more like it. R: I hate you. _Kayn and Rhaast board their ship and head out to find the crew of the Morningstar, will they succeed? Will they get distracted by another Karaoke night? Only time will tell._
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