Untold Love of the Dynamic Duo

Fan Fiction Entry :) Enjoy! **Untold Love of the Dynamic Duo** _It all began in darkness, where screams are mute, shadows dull and echo’s silent. On the roaring seas, filled with rage, two friends stare into the empty oceans quiet._ _It’s been a hard 10 years, living poor, empty bottles of rum and cabins full of dust. Traveling from dock to dock, city to city, acquiring quests for gold, as well as rust._ _But, the time has come, at last! Our sights set on Bilgewater for the final mission. Kill the target and grab the gold! Miss Fortune and Raven gear up, full of ambition. _ _Gun shots here, gun shots there, the scene is beautiful as the duo rushes in for the kill. All the pirates’ dead, with the one and only left, the target screaming cannon barrage mentally ill._ _The night sky filled with blood and bullets, the duo knows that they will have to give all and try! Set and ready! Miss Fortune rushes through the wind, when she suddenly hears a deathly cry._ _It was Raven, he’s been hit! She turns around and rushes to him fearing what she already knew. She falls down right next to him, with tears in her eyes, and silently whispers “I love you”._ _It was right there, when vengeance and rage erupted in her. The Bounty hunter was born! Miss Fortune looked at Gangplank as she ran away! Declaring his death her ultimate goal and sworn_ _It all ended in darkness, Miss Fortune lost her partner, best friend and lover. The dynamic duo is no more, as Miss Fortune disappears in to darkness, becoming a mysterious wonder._ Created By ModMayhem.
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