Odyssey Contest Entry: A super rescue mission

Please don't mind the bad english, I'm not so good at it **** ** A super rescue mission** The last broadcast between the Super Galaxy HQ and rumble before his disappearance. HQ: Rumble, can you hear us? R: Loud and clear! HQ: We can see on our radars that you’re near sector 7 in the outer rim. Can you go take a look there, because we suddenly got many emergencies calls from there. R: No probs, but can you give some more information? HQ: We only received some screams for help and suddenly they stopped, no further information was given. R: Alright… I’m going. HQ: Please handle this with care, we don’t want any problems like last time. R: HEY! That was not my fault. It was just how yordels roll. HQ: If you say so. R: I’m there, I think. HQ: What do you mean with “I think”? R: Well yeah, my GPS says I’m there but there isn’t a signal sign of planets or even stars. I only see junk ,floating around and some asteroids. HQ: Our radar says that you’re there, can you try to search for any signs of life or try investigating why there’s junk floating around. R: I’m on it. A while later R: Okay, I’ve found no sign of life, but after further investigation I found out that the junk are parts of escape pods and spaceships. The asteroids have ruins on them, so they probably were supposed to be the planets that were here. HQ: Looks like it was a dying star that took the planets in his system with him. Back to headquarters, there’s nothing we can do there R: That would explain a lot, I’m going. No wait I think I just saw something big moving. I’m going to approach it. HQ: please handle with care, we don’t want you to run into some space pirates. R: I am coming closer, wait what! I’m losing control over my ship, it is pulling me towards it. HELP! HQ: Rumble get out there, right know R: I ca… HEL… It is ali… bzzzzz Connection lost. It is quiet. Nobody dares to speak a word. Eventually Shyvana takes the word. We can only conclude from last transmission that Rumble is probably sucked up by a dying star. He is probably dead by now. Tristana, the rookie of the group, that had been listening from the corner of the room gets a sudden outburst. So you mean we are not going to do a rescue mission!? Rumble was one of our best team members and we are just going to leave him there!? Trsitana be silent! We know that losing rumble is hard and especially for you, but don’t let use start a rescue mission that is doomed to fail just because you lost a good friend. Let me go alone on rescue mission, I’ve watched you guys do it always from here, it can be first good mission for me. I can that a ship and fly it myself. Request dismissed. Trsitana looks down and know she can’t change Shyvanna’s mind. If she want to save Rumble , she have to do it in secret. While the rest of the team is still discussing things Trsitana slips out of the room to the hangar. She decide to take a ship almost nobody uses, the only ship that isn’t used by others is the Riggle. While she is boarding, she hear footsteps, so she quickly takes off without checking the fuel. Right on the border of the outer rim the Riggle falls without fuel. The Riggle is floating in space and all tristana can do is sending an signal. Trsitana don’t know how she had been floating in space but suddenly she hears an other ship connecting. A big blue rock like alien enters her ship and take Trsitana with him. The alien remains silent and Tristana is hoping it is not an space pirate. On the other ship the fellow crew of the alien is waiting, another smaller orange alien, a girl that looks like a wizard, a man with a big sword and a lizard, and last a girl with orange hair that doesn’t look safe. The girl with orange hair takes the word Hi, welcome on the Morningstar, I’m your trusty pilot Jinx, you’ve already met Malphite. The wizard is Sona. The man with a sword is our captain Yasou. And the little annoying alien is Ziggs HOW DO YOU CALL ME. Let it be Ziggs, and what is your name little girl? I’m Tristana, are you guys space pirates? Some authorities say that we are, but how can we help you? Well I lost my friend in sector 7 of the outer rim and I’m looking for him, can you guys help? Is it dangerous? Probably Well we are always up for danger so we’ll help you No we’re not! Shut up Ziggs, you’re still a cadet. The rest of the crew agrees with Jinx. They store the Riggle in their ship and fly off to sector 7. Arriving there everything is black. Jinx decide to put extra lights on. The light makes a big silhouette visible. It has a tentacle head and a hook in his right hand. It starts talking. (actually that isn’t possible in space) You shouldn’t had come here but Annihilation awaits for everybody so why don’t you come and take it now. Jinx sets the speakers of the Morningstar on Hi big guy, have you seen a little yordle around here, just asking for a friend of mine. How dare you to taunt me! The hook flies to the Morningstar and start pulling it towards the silhouette. Tristana sees that Jinx loses control over the ship. She decide to take the Riggle and attack on her own. After shooting a while she finds a weak spot. Bullseye. The silhouette explodes and everything it consumes flies out of it including Rumble. Trsitana tells Rumble everything about Shyvanna and the Morningstar. They decide to join Jinx and set of the new adventures! **** I hope it was a good story, let me know what you think of it and have a nice day {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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