The Iron Revenant [Poem]

My voice was calling on the wind, you prayed you hadn't heard Too long you've had it good, too long you've thought you ruled the world So sure you had prevailed so confident you sealed your doom So arrogant in my defeat, they built your throne upon my tomb No speech will move the dead, old man and iron cares not for your lies Look upon your world and pray, for there is no greater force than I Call up your legions, all you have, allies, vassals you command Bring them all to bear, so I can break them in an iron hand. The ground will tremble as my herald sky will weep, and rivers bubble I stood here before your spires I will stand upon their rubble. - I hope the new Mordekaiser isn't too deathly serious. I think OTT supervillain Morde is a good contrast to the modern leaders of Runeterra who have goals and motivations and shit. Sometimes, there is no depth. Sometimes you can just be cartoonishly evil.

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