ultimate yasuo skin idea, shogun yasuo.

Yasuo is a japanese style champion, so seeing the Q/A about ultimate skin, why not make a shogun yasuo ultimate skin, I mean the most paradoxal champ in the game does deserve one. So, first he will have a background story about his participation in the shogun war as an exiled japanese samouraï that wants to come back to free his country, at lvl 1 the skin will consist of a white kimono, with some rusty samurai armor only on the down side of the body, after dealing a certain amount of damage, if he deals it to ranged champs, he will gain some armor on his appearance, if he picks melee champs he will gain a new sword, after stacking both, he gains his yasuo shogun armor and sword. then we can make him pick he can either pick his noble style, with brand new heavy armor, a bright sword, or a rebellious one, with light armor, and a rusty, old sword, that will also have some legend to it. shogun yasuo can also play flute, and therefore, if players want to activate it, there will be asiatic traditional flute music throughout the whole game. his basic Q animation will be kind of orange in the beginning, with autumn leaves flying off it, his tornado will be kind of brown, or orange, with a lot of leaves, and when he ults, the whole screen gets covered in wind and leaves like with project vayne and the vision, and his dunk leaves the japanese symbol to wind on the ground. his windwall will also be made of leaves and wind, i didn't think about death, but for his back, he could lie on his sword, play some flute while wind blows autumn leaves if yasuo picks noble side, his Q animation will be white, and it will leave sakura petals instead of leaves, the tornado will also be white with sakura petals, and the ult interaction, will be covered in sakura petals, and his back will be wind blowing them, and him standing proud and strong. If he goes with his rebel side, his Q will instead be yellow, with japanese chrysanthemum petals, same thing for the tornado and the R interaction, his back, will be him turning his back while the wind blows and then plunging his sword in the ground to cast some kind of teleport. I still haven't thought about the vocal interactions, and his exact novel. Please let's debate about this to attract riot's attention and see where this goes.
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