Odyssey Contest Entry: "Captains Yasuo's haiku logs"

Blissful I slumber Velvet darkness my pillow. Jinx remains off ship. A new soul on board can justice exist out here? Does my hair look good... My song was sung here against the two faced man beast needs a new upgrade _"Computer remind me to feed Yone the shoulder dragon"_ Malphite the mountain a blueberry made of brick his charge is quite ~~quick~~ she does not speak but through the Ora she knows me, what I must do next. We stopped for pizza not quite core world but tasty only one crew choked. _"Computer spill on mid deck, bring the chunk swabbers"_ Our guest and angel our pursuer some lame kid our problem: no fuel. Where did our fuel go? I should demand to know soon! after this chapter... Jinx: her energy is intoxicating but stop recording me. The truth revealed! the fuel fermented to booze! _"Computer take a note take a note, a captain log, no a captians haiku haiku 6, no eleventh? take a note. Sona finish the haiku... sona?"_ Our hangover shame our templar looks nearly white Kayne is nearing us... _"Computer switch to tanka format"_ Indignant he came. unlocked, we left our space door. His vile scythe tore most of our good ship posters. Song was drawn and we prepared _"Computer switch back to haiku format"_ Ziggs the fool messaged and our foe replied in kind we chase the chaser. _"Computer activate speed reading ora augments"_ Final chapter now must their love be forever spinning forbidden? _"Computer deactivate speed reading augments and delete security footage from the last half hour of captain quarters."_ An ugly planet full of death monsters and ziggs this will be quite fun We can't let her down we can't let him win this one keep the kettle warm _final transmission?_
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