Shaco skin suggestions

I think Shaco needs a new skin, he hasnt had one in 3 years now. A legendary or epic skin would be a pretty cool motivation to get some players to play the champion as he becomes more and more forgotten but also a very good addition to his collection nontheless, something that would "revive" the champion and make him more popular. Now about the skin itself, here are some suggetions : 1. Surprise Party Shaco (cool party themed but crazy) 2. Void-Cursed Shaco (Something along the lines of an insane void/darkness consumed puppet) 3. Omega Captain Shaco (similar to omega squad skins, swamp-like expert) 4. Mecha Shaco (having mini-robots as boxes would be really cool) 5. Death Blossom Shaco (thorn themed skin,just imagine having poison spitting flowers as boxes like zyra's) Personally i really want a new skin for Shaco beacause all of his skins except Masked Shaco have the same animations. Thanks for reading this. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}

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