Snowdown Contest Entry: A zaunite's Crabmas.

**A zaunite’s crabmas** _Piltover, during Christmas, families were happily united._ _Zaun kept working, inventing and struggling._ _Zaun always kept going, even when everyone was blighted._ _Piltover, here was no crime during Christmas, not even anyone was smuggling._ _But… Deep in Zaun that day, a crab had slain the last baron._ _He saw the happiness in Piltover, knowing the despair he caused._ _Piltover might be living on top of his home as foundation, but at least it wasn’t barren…_ _He knew he had to unite Zaun, so he spoke out and called for attention and then paused…_ _The crab, whose name was Urgot, brought it to Zaun, SNOWDOWN!_ _Everyone stopped working and came together, the whole crowd was being decorated with chains!_ _He pulled everyone together, dragged them all to him with joy, yet everyone looked at him with a frown…_ _Then… he started grinding, day and night long, he purged them, their begging for mercy is what he disdains._ _Then the crab said with a smile:_ _‘Zaun is mercifully united on a pile.’_ _Blood for red._ _Chemtech for green._ _And a layer of snow for white._ _‘Aren’t those the colors of the season?’_ _‘That’s what you get when you commit treason!’_ _‘PILTOVER IS A PARASITE, THEIR JOY IS OUR WORK, SOON, WE WILL TAKE THEM DOWN WITH IT!’_ _And everyone lived happily ever after in the afterlife._ **~the end.** As a final note: I put some abilities of urgot in it just to spice things up E- disdain, W-purge and R2-Mercy.

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