Odyssey Contest Entry: The darkness within

#The darkness within Somewhere on the far edge of space, so far nothing could be seen, no distant stars, galaxies nor planets. Just an empty void with nothing to behold but a pitch-black curtain. Only one mere thing was out there, one lonely starship, tumbling like a weed in low gravity. It was a beauty of a starship, equipped with the latest tech and hyperdrives. Inside the ship there was a woman named Shauna, laying injured in one of the chambers. There was a med kit positioned right next to her, as she was looking out of a side window trying her best to stay awake. _"**I... cannot die... here, not... before...**"_, she mumbled while slowly passing out. As her eyes closed her reality shifted between memories of the past and the present, she could see the horror once again, all the blood, the demon, the darkness of space, different monsters and beasts, and in the middle of it all, her mother’s face. The memories slowly faded into darkness, in this darkness a faint but strong voice could be heard, _"**All alone...**"_, it whispered with a breathy, deep, and strong voice. Even though it did not seem close, the voice could be heard loudly inside her head. Shauna opened her eyes again, things had changed, the lights from the ship flickered till they finally shut down, everything around her was pitch black and colder than usual. She saw something, an even darker figure crawled against the walls in the main hallway, moving like a shadow in what was already darkness itself, like a veil of black smoke. Sounds could be heard from it as it got closer, _"**I sense fear...**"_, she could hear as her heart started accelerating, it got closer and closer. It finally found her and got inside her chamber, crawling and spreading on the walls, closing the door behind it. Once it was fully closed, the darkness combined into an entity, it grew a face, a big wide smiling mouth, cold white eyes staring right into her soul. Below that, sharp blades on its arms, but it had no legs nor feet, it just started fading back into the black smoke it was before. It looked Shauna right into the eyes. _"**Help is not coming...**"_, it whispered. It got closer and closer to her, till she could feel its cold presence freezing her finger tips, but somehow, she had a grin on her face. The adrenaline kicked in as Shauna threw the med kit next to her towards the smoke and in the few seconds of time that bought her, she grabbed her plasma crossbow from one of the cabinets and fired. The smoke instantly spread outside the light ray and tried to get around Shauna, she tumbled to the side and used her cloaking device to get out of the room, the cloaking device Shauna used did not only make her invisible but also hid her presence almost fully. The shadow slowly started creeping around again trying to sense for its prey. Shauna found her way to the power panels of the ship, she could feel the cold air getting closer and closer. She turned on all the lights of her ship to the maximum, followed by a loud breathy scream, echoing through the hallways. The brightness made it impossible for the dark shadow to move as it was pushed back into the tinniest corner of the ship, unable to creep anywhere else. So, Shauna walked towards it, with her crossbow on her shoulder. On the way to the creature, all sorts of weapons could be seen, different types of crossbows, bolts, grenades and a few knives, there was also a shelf with some utilities, different boots, masks and glasses. She grabbed her multipurpose glasses from a shelf and slowly put them on. _"**Where did you come from?**_", she asked. _"**I came from your nightmares.**"_, it whispered. Shauna was confused, and wondered, _"**Is this creature related to my nightmares?**"_, _"**Is it related to the one I'm looking for?**"_, therefore she asked, _"**Do you know any demons?**"_. But to this question the dark shadow just laughed, a sharp breathy laugh which would make anyone else tremble in fear, but Shauna did not move an inch, _"**What are you!?**"_, she shouted. _"**Darkness... are you afraid of the dark?**"_, it asked. She wondered what it meant, if there was a connection, but in the end, it did not matter so Shauna just put on a slight smile and replied, _"**The dark should fear me**"_. She took her crossbow and shot the shadow, while it spread she put a cannister close to it, the shadow slowly lurked inside the canister, capturing it inside. Shauna got back to the front of the ship. She walked towards a digital poster saying "**WANTED ... NOCTURNE ... 10.000G**", and she put a big cross over it with her finger leaving a red trail, next to it countless other posters were crossed out, some old and withered, made out of paper that could possibly fall apart on the slightest touch, but only one was not crossed out, the poster of that woman, the demon, this poster was probably the oldest looking one, only part of the name could be seen, "**EVE....**". _"**Nova, set course back to Demacia, got a bounty to collect.**"_, Shauna said. An automated female voice could be heard, _"**Noted, course set to Demacia also referred to as... Hometown... Runeterra, preparing for hyperspace jump, ETA 85 days. I recommend using the hibernation pod to reduce travel time.**"_, it said. The ship started back up and turned around, Shauna walked towards a side chamber and started climbing inside one of the two pods installed there, once she got in and the pod started closing, she mumbled to herself, _"**I will find her, I won't stop trying, not as long as my name is Shauna, Shauna Vayne**"_. ---
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