Never One Contest Entry: "Three to Tango"

Hello, this is my contribution to the contest. I know that many people are not happy with new Varus lore, so I thought it's a perfect opportunity to add my own spin to the story! Enjoy and I wish best of luck to everyone else entering! :3 *** Varus opened his eyes as the morning sun slowly filtered through the curtains. If it wasn’t for these two parasites, he wouldn’t have to stoop to pathetic human rituals, such as sleep. Unfortunately, the body he occupied tired quickly despite the devastating power at his disposal. He huffed impatiently; he had only a few blissful minutes before the chatter of two archers flooded his consciousness. As terrifying as it was, after spending so much time together, Varus actually had come to have a _preference_ towards one of the hunters. When Valmar’s thirst for vengeance had worn off, he had turned out to be an insufferable brat. Once he realised that the darkin had been taunting him to exact his revenge on Noxus for invading his homeland, only to have an excuse to wreak havoc himself, he channelled all his wrath to the darkin. Kai, on the other hand, was so soft and pliant, so… unbroken. Varus believed that if he was to take over control fully, it would be through twisting Valmar’s heartlight's mind. He pulled himself off the cot with a grumble. He knew that if he didn’t go about his business fast, the voices would soon drive his already restless spirit insane. He left the house in a hurry. Hunger was another nuisance, but he had grown quite partial to the taste of apples. He snatched a promising fruit from one of the market stalls and lifted it to his lips. “Wait, no! What are you doing?” He heard Kai’s panicked blabber. “What, is it poisoned? Are you suddenly worried about me?” “No. You have to pay for it. You know, like a normal human would do, you waste of flesh”. Valmar chimed in with his usual bite. Varus felt his head jerk to the wooden tablet saying “Ionian’s Finest, 3 coins”. He snapped his attention back to the apple, already feeling anger rising in his chest. “Insignificant gnats. I won’t be interrupted.” He bit down on the apple viciously, just to cement his conviction. The hunters groaned. He moved to the entrance of Institute of War, the place which housed an organisation called League of Legends. It was obvious that the League had invited him to join their ranks to keep his powers in check. He decided to humour them for a while and leave when it was the time. He headed to the great hall, attracted by a commotion. Two teams of five players each were forming and champions from all across Valoran argued what combination would work best. It was mostly pointless, for the picks were always imposed from above, but summoners liked to bicker. Despite his slightly slouched posture, Varus radiated confidence and moved with deadly grace worthy of an apex predator. His face was too perfect and symmetrical to be wholly human, and his pupil-less eyes glared white. A mane of faded hair framed his features and cascaded down his shoulders. His body was marred with a progressing corruption, one that hurt the eye and brain when looked upon. “Is this how you see yourself?” Valmar scoffed. “Everyone should know you are nothing but a monster.” “Valmar, please…” Kai let out a disheartened sigh. Varus smirked. Kai despised conflict above anything else, so it must have pained him greatly to see his lover consumed by such hate. “Hey there,” purred a voice behind him, with undertones seductive to anyone who was receptive to human emotions. He turned around and saw a slender female figure, cloaked entirely by constantly shifting shadows. What was that supposed to mean? He didn’t have to wait long for the archers’ answer. “I guess she can’t see through you like we do.” Valmar was bitter. “Woah, Varus! She must really like you!” Kai sounded smug. “Stop it!” Varus snarled out loud. “Uh, okay?” Evelynn looked at him like he was some sort of failed experiment and turned around to leave, offering him one last cursory glance. Enough of this. He would teach these disrespectful little punks to acknowledge and recognise his true form. He felt his fingertips tingle with power as a bow manifested from his hand. _Ah, finally something familiar…_ He aimed an arrow at Evelynn’s back. A cacophony of crying voices invaded his mind, blurring together into cracking static. He grunted and squeezed his eyes shut from the impact. The bow slithered back into his hand due to the lack of focus. How he hated it that they made him seem weak. He retreated to the nearest shaded corner to regain his composure. He was not ready to bear the full brunt of his emotions. What exactly was this new feeling? For once he was grateful that they had stopped him. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Valmar spat with renewed vigour. “Shut up.” “No. You’re cornered. You know there’s no excuse for what you do.” “I said, shut up.” Varus drawled. “You’re the one to talk. You couldn’t even protect the person you loved the most.” The darkin felt a jolt of pain from Kai, followed by a sinking sensation in his gut. Why would it feel like that? It was _his_ body. He wasn’t supposed to be this affected. Unless… “…I’m sorry.” The words left his mouth before he could stop himself. He said it out loud, although the hunters could hear his thoughts. The archers didn’t say anything. They didn’t have to; they knew what he felt. The silence was even worse than their typical mindless prattle. It occurred to him that perhaps there is more to mankind than he had initially thought. Perhaps he returned to this earth with a new purpose, one different from what he had clung to desperately. At last he needed to concede and admit that he still had to learn much about humans. Varus straightened his back and inhaled deeply. What if it wouldn’t be so bad… Maybe it was all right. Maybe it was always meant to be this way. Valmar, Kai, and him. *** Word count: 999
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