Odyssey Contest Entry: ‘Rest in Peace’

#Rest in Peace _“Good morning, Lucian! Retrieving daily protocol: Day 486, Purify Orb charged 84% - approximate time until fully charge - 5 days. Today’s destination: Majheta - Pulsefire Planet. Current distance: 9000 km, time of arrival: 3h. Important note: Summoner, is arriving today. Meet-up point coordinates accessed: X:-4545 Y: +4352 SE. End of protocol. Good luck out there, Captain!”_ Rengar growls. _“Bla, bla, bla,...How about we just grab some juicy bounties? More prey, more prizes. Nonetheless Majheta has to know who the best headhunter is. ”_ _“Kha’zix?”_ Lucian smirks. Rengar growls. _“Huh, in a better mood today, Captain? Accepting your past?”_ The Purifier points his reloaded guns into Rengar's face without blinking an eye. _"How you dare. I'll have no trouble killing you, and less trouble killing you again!"_ _“Where was that passion to kill, when we were facing yesterday the monsters of Grahl? You’re a little too late.” _ The Pridestalker puts the gun out of his face and heads to the Commander board. _“Alright two more hours t…wait why are we heading in the wrong direction? I’m pretty sure I double checked the coordinates.” _ Rengar looks outside the small round window. _“Crew, grab your weapons! They found us! But how..” _ Vi appears yawning from the workshop cabin adjusting her goggles. _“That’s my kitty. Time for a little smash and grab.” _ _“Secure the orb. Get the escape pod ready. In five minutes I will start the countdown for self-destruction. How did they find us…Alright, focus.”_ Lucian reloads his guns again and starts running to the vault to grab the orb. No time for mistakes now. He enters the pin code and opens the heavy metal door. Out of his white, dirty leather jacket he pulls out a shiny, silver key. _“I will not fail you again... not this time.”_ _“Are you sure about that?”_ With hearing this familiar voice Lucian turns slowly around. _“Vi? What are you doing here? Get the escape pod ready, while Rengar is taking care of the rest.”_ _ “Yea, Lucian, hm, about that…”_ Vi rubs her cold, heavy gauntlets. _“What did you do? Vi? What is happening?”_ _"Punch first. Ask questions while punching."_ Without hesitation she knocks Lucian to the ground. _“Huh, or ask no questions at all.”_ Vi laughs. _“Now he will set me free, he promised. This one last mission.”_ She grabs the orb and heads to the hallway. The moment Vi wants to leave the vault, Lucian grabs her leg tightly. With blood running through his face and a shaking and hurt but strong voice he says: _“We saved your life! We freed you from the torture after 94 days. We gave you hope….we gave you a home. Everything Senna did for you before..before...she was..kil….she was gone. What reasons could you have to betray us like that?”_ _“I have no choice! Not anymore. It is too late. He wouldn’t let me go.“_ _"Who? Who is threatening you?” _ _“I SAID IT IS TOO LATE!”_ Vi punches him again firmly to make sure, this time he passed out. _“I’m sorry Captain. Actually I truly am.” _ She wipes away the tears she tried to hide, puts on a serious look and runs out of the vault. **_“SELF DESTRUCTION MODE ACTIVATED. TEN MORE MINUTES LEFT. SECURE POSITIONS.”_** _“Crew! Get ready, we gotta go!”_ Rengar shouts before erasing the last traces and evidences. _“Crew? Lucian? Vi? Did you see my blades somewhere? We are really running out of ti-...”_ Rengar gasps for air, feeling and unbearable pain and looks down to his chest. Stabbed.. with his own blades. Painfully he roars. _“A true hunter never rests. I did indeed. This was my mistake. Now I’m paying for that.”_ Vi rips out the blades, pushes Rengar down and hops on the Commander board. _“Somehow I have to stop the self destruction. Let’s get cracking.”_ Nervously but focused Vi tries to stop the ship from exploding. **_“ONE MINUTE LEFT. SECURE POSITIONS.”_** _ “Glad I learned from the best.” _ Somehow after pressing endless buttons and overriding the operating system, she manages to eliminate the destruction process. _“So did I.”_ An unique gun clicking let Vi freeze for some seconds. No way.. _“It ends here!”_ Vi laughs. _“Just get over with it already then. I failed the mission.”_ _"Death is a mercy, Vi. And I have enough mercy to go around. Now get off the chair....betrayer." _ Since she had no choice left, she slowly stood up and looked him straight into his eyes. For the last attempt to escape she tried to punch him again. Pretty much aware from his adrenaline rush, he dashed incredibly fast over and Vi missed. _"Rise again, I dare you."_ Lucian said with a deep and scary voice. In this moment Vi realized there is no way back, no way out. _"Thanks for bringing your own handcuffs."_ _""If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you."_" Lucian puts the handcuffs on Vi and pushes her into the prisoner cabin. Back at the Commander board Lucian knees down and picks up the shiny, and fragile orb. He lays both hands around it and whispers: _“I told you and promised, I won’t fail you again. Summoner, soon we will meet. Some more patience, and we will bring justice on Majheta. For Senna, for us, for purity and peace.”_ https://pa1.narvii.com/6738/375c33c5613a6d834b969fa8e8d2900c512b261e_hq.gif ________________ **words:** 880 _To be continued?_
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